Training Resource for the Colorado Content Management Solution



The Colorado Content Management Solution is built on the Drupal 8 platform.  Drupal is an open-source CMS platform utilized for millions of websites throughout the world. Colorado Interactive built a Drupal distribution platform to provide CMS users the ability to customize their website with fewer restrictions than seen on other CMS platforms. Multiple user types exist to allow for different permissions based on the needs of the website managers. This platform facilitates a website that can be easily modified to update its look and feel, edit existing content, and populate new content.

Feature-rich Platform.

What features does Colorado Interactive's Colorado Content Management Solution have?

  • Rows and cards content presentation flexibility
  • Drag and drop menu organization 
  • Multiple content types include Landing pages, Articles and Events











Feedback is Welcome.

Colorado Interactive is constantly looking for feedback from our users. If you have feedback, please fill out the feedback form.

The Colorado Content Management Solution Steering Committee reviews all feature requests that are currently being considered for inclusion in the platform.