Accordions - Using the WYSIWYG Video Transcript

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welcome in this video we're going to go

over how to use the accordions button in

the WYSIWYG accordions are really nice

because they allow you to organize

content on your page within these

collapsible boxes essentially that's

really useful if you have a lot of

content on a single page you can kind of

shorten your page up by adding the

content within the accordions and so

let's go ahead and kind of go over how

to do that I'm gonna create a basic page

to demonstrate but you can really use

any sort of content type that utilizes

the WYSIWYG I'll give my page a name


and the button we're concerned with is

right here so insert accordion when I

click that you'll see that I kind of get

this outlining here this is just to kind

of show me where the accordion title and

the content areas are it'll look a

little bit different after we publish

this or save this so first thing one do

is going to add a title


okay and just take note that you can put

all kinds of stuff here

so you can add links embed videos add

tables images things like that another

cool thing here is that let's say I

don't want to use the second accordion

here if I right-click this guy you don't

have to highlight it but if you

right-click this guy you can actually

say remove recording tab and so if I do

that out of Bing badda boom it's gone

you can add a new one if you right click

here again and let's say I want to add

anyone afterwards there it is

or I can add one before as well by

clicking this option so lots of

different options let's go ahead and

save this

in a published state

this is how it's gonna render so you've

got these boxes that open and close and

any Content that you put within those

sections will appear here after someone

clicks be the title of the accordion now

one thing to note is that there's a

slight difference between these and the

accordion rows if you're going to be

utilizing rows and cards accordion is

also a type of row and that one is a

little different because it gives you a

little bit more flexibility on how the

according displays you can choose

different colors you can have multiple

sections with different colored

backgrounds within those accordion rows

and you can have some more options for

how it displays whether it automatically

is expanded or collapsed things like

that but as far as just wanting to add a

quick according to a page this gets the

job done perfectly