Custom Blocks Part 1: Creating Custom Blocks Video Transcript

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welcome in this video we're going to

review how to create custom blocks now

custom box pretty cool because they

allow you to create a piece of content

and then reference to that piece of

content in other content areas so for

example on the landing page here if I

scroll down to the bottom I've got a

footer that is utilizing rows and cards

and the way I did that was essentially

by using a custom block now you can use

custom blocks within the footer section

you can use them for your Jumbotron

and you can also refer to them in block

cards and tab cards now to be able to

view the custom blocks that you have if

you hover over structure and block

layout you can click on this guy here

custom block library this will show you

all of the custom blocks that have been

created on your site and this is also

going to be the place where you go back

to if you need to edit an existing

custom block or maybe delete it now if

you need to create a brand new custom

block you can either click this blue

button here or again if you hover over

structure and block layout you can

choose add custom block now you're gonna

be prompted to choose what type of

custom block you want to create we've

got four choices here basic block allows

you to create a block that simply just

had a title few of them in a body filled

with the WYSIWYG and so you can add

content using the WYSIWYG into the body

field kind of like a basic card works

roblox allow you to utilize rows and

cards kind of like what we had going

with the footer of the demo site

simple maps allows you to essentially

display a map within a block and then

views reference block allows you to

reference views for articles blogs news

posts things like that so let's go ahead

and try creating a roadblock this is

probably going to be one that you you'll

use a lot if you end up using custom

blocks the first thing you'll need to do

is give your block a description so

let's go ahead and do that real quick

this description is not going to display

wherever you put your block so just keep

that in mind this is simply for me to be

able to reference back to this block

when I'm looking through my custom block


okay and now I'm just gonna build it out

like I would with any landing page or a

basic page which is I'm gonna just start

adding my rows and cards

so let's get started here and just do

something real quick or add to uneven

columns let's say do a basic card

title add something to the body

maybe we'll even add a cool button why


I'll make it a little bit bigger add a

link to it


like okay and let's do one more just for

fun let's go ahead and let's add

an image card

you know pick my image real quick


and I think that's probably good

so I'll click Save

and I'll get this confirmation saying

that my roadblock has been created and I

can confirm this by going to structure

block layout and viewing my custom block

library and there it is there's my

custom block so that's all we're going

to do for this video we walk through how

to view the custom block library and how

to create a custom block you can check

out our companion video to this one

where we'll walk through how to utilize

the blocks that you've created