Font Awesome - Using the WYSIWYG Video Transcript

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welcome in this video we're going to

review how to utilize font awesome

blossom allows you to add icons to your

pages basic pages articles basically

anything that you can utilize the

WYSIWYG with so to demonstrate let's go

ahead and create let's say an article

and we'll give our article a title here


now choose a type

and right off the bat you'll notice and

it was a week that there's two flag

icons one to the left is going to be

your anchor link icon and the one to the

right is going to be the font awesome

icon and so for a font awesome

you just place your cursor in the

WYSIWYG click on the flag here and

there's a couple things you can do if I

just click on this link for a font

awesome icon list it's actually going to

take me to a page where it has a whole

gallery of different icons so I can

search the page here for something let's

say I want to see what facebook icons

they have

it shows me here that they have these

four facebook icons available and

there's also these other like laptop

icon for example that I could search for

if I wanted to so if I go back

my article

let's try searching for Facebook so I'll

click on that and click inside the field

and search for Facebook and there we are

so I'll select the square one here click

insert icon and it's really that simple

now you don't even have to navigate

outside of the site to search for icons

let's go ahead and put it of course

you're down here and add another icon

let's say I want to look for maybe like

a Twitter icon you can simply just start

typing in Twitter

and we'll come up with the available

options so I can select one and you also

notice that there's options for

additional font awesome settings

clicking on that will open up a whole

bunch of other stuff you can really

ignore everything else except this size

one here will be really helpful so let's

say I want to add a large Twitter icon

and click large and insert the icon and

you'll see it's actually a little bit

bigger than the Facebook icon and then I

can add whatever else I want to run it

there let's say I'm happy I'll go ahead

and publish the page Dave it

and you'll see that I have my icons

right here on my article really it's

that straightforward so yeah that's how

you use font awesome