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welcome in this video we're going to

talk about how to essentially enable

different kinds of footers on your

landing pages now what I've got right

here is my default footer and I know

that's true because if I edit this

landing page right here I'm going to go

to this edit tab and then go into my

display settings you'll see that show

site footer is enabled and that's what's

going to be kind of like the default

setting for any landing page that you

create now you can show alternative

footers by selecting this option right

here and it'll allow you to choose from

any row block or simple Maps blocks that

you have created already so for example

you can say I have an alternative funder

right here that I've created if I select

that and click Save

and then I'll scroll down here you'll

see that now I have a different footer

appearing in the footer section on this

landing page which is actually different

from my main landing pages footer as

you'll see as I scroll down to the

bottom here so that's really cool you

can enable different footers to appear

on different landing pages let's say I

don't want to footer it although you can

actually disable the footer section if

you go back to edit your landing page

and you go to the display tab you can

select no footer and save that

and you can see when we scroll down to

the bottom here that now we don't have a

footer now you can create new footers by

creating custom blocks and I won't go

too in depth into how you do that

because we have other videos on how you

create custom blocks but essentially

you'll go up to structure and you here

you can add a custom block now for a

custom block to appear in the footer

section you'll have to create either a

row block or a simple Maps block but as

long as you choose one of those and

you've created it and you've saved it

you can reference that in the footer

section now let's say you want to edit

an existing footer you would go up to

structure and go to your custom block

library and you'll see that here are the

other blocks that I've created including

the footers so here's my alternate

footer that I'm displaying right now in

my landing page and the main site footer

the default one that's this one right

here so I can edit these simply by going

to the row of that particular footer

block and clicking edit

now you may wonder how might you be able

to change the color of the footer

section that's a great question

essentially the color scheme for the for

the footer section and for your

navigation bar things like that that's

gonna be controlled within the theme

settings of your site and so if you need

to change the colors for that you can

reach out to our support basket and we

can change those colors for you on this

particular site the footer color is

silver so with any footer block that I

choose to display within the footer area

it's going to have that silver

background to help things keep


that's everything we're going to cover

in this video essentially we learned how

to enable and disable the footer section

on our landing pages we walk through how

to select a different footer where you

can go to edit existing footers and also

where you can go to create brand-new

footers and lastly we touched on how to

change the background color of your