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Linkit - Using the WYSIWYG Video Transcript

Back to the WYISWYG Linkit Video


welcome so in this video we're going to

review how to use the linkit feature in

the platform now linkit is really useful

for being able to link to pages that are

within your site or content that's

within your site this won't work for

anything if you're trying to reference a

page from an external website it won't

really work with those but with that in

mind let's go ahead and walk through how

to do that so I'm just going to go ahead

and real quick create a basic page this

will work anywhere that the WYSIWYG

shows up really I'll give my age a title

and just like with any link what I'll do

is I'll start to create the Inca text so

I'm going to type in what I want the

users to click on

back out our Colorado mountains page

alright so after you have your text

typed out go ahead and highlight the

part that you want people to click on

and you'll see there's two link buttons

here in the WYSIWYG one time looks like

chain link and then the other one that

has a little chain link with a plus

symbol on it click that one there

and what we're gonna do is we're going

to just start searching for the piece of

content I want to link to so in this

case I want to link to a page that's a

title of Colorado Mountain so I'm going

to start searching you just can you can

see I don't have to type everything in

once I type in Colorado it's actually

referencing a bunch of different stuff

here lots of different kinds of contents

and articles a basic page the landing

page file some various images here so

that's a really neat thing about using

this feature is that you don't have to

navigate or open a secondary window or

something to find that page or image or

whatever and copy the URL from the

address bar you can simply just search

for it right here in the editing view so

I'm going to go ahead and select the

page I want to link to you about our

mountains click Save you'll see that now

it's highlighted and underlined and

we'll go ahead and publish this page

and if we test this out and see y'all

click right here there we go I'm at the

Colorado mountains page