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welcome in this video we're going to do

a general overview of these menu options

here that appear at the top once you log

in now do note that depending on your

user role you may or may not see some of

these menu options and that's okay if

you're not sure you can check out our

user guides and we have information

online that'll show you sort of what

each user role can and can't do to get

things started you'll have this little

manage tab here at the top this

basically just toggles the secondary

menu open or closed so if you don't see

that secondary menu just click manage

you know it'll reappear this is where

you're going to go to go to your User

Profile you just click on that and then

click user or view profile from here you

can do things like view which roles have

been assigned to your user account which

might be useful if you're not quite sure

and you can also edit your user account

by clicking edit here and in the tab

section and you can do things like

update your email to move on if I click

manage here again I can go to my

homepage by clicking this 8 button here

that I'll always take you back to your

homepage no matter where you are at the

site and if you need to log out when

you're done you would just hover over

logout and click that and that will log

you out of your session if you want to

view the pieces of content that have

already been created on your site you

can click this guy here it will

basically show you about 95% of the

content on your site anything that's

related to a content type that being

like a basic page a landing page a news

article a jumbo slide something like

that those will appear here now

you'll see that there's actually a lot

of content on this page and I have

multiple pages with content and so if

I'm trying to find something specific

you can use these drop-down menus here

at the top or the search bar to search

for a specific piece of content just by

you know let's say I want to look for

all of the published basic pages on my

site I can select basic page I can

choose published and I can click filter

and it's going to show me only the

published basic pages on my site when

I'm all done I can click reset and it's

going to show me all the content again

also from this view you can take an

action on multiple pieces of content at

the same time so let's say I wanted to

delete this jumbo slide and this landing

page here probably not the home page

let's say this Colorado mountains page

here you would select a box then you

would choose whatever action you want to

take let's say delete in this case you

click apply to selected items and then

I'll ask you to confirm that one more

time I don't want to so I'll go ahead

and cancel let's say you want to create

a brand new piece of content what you do

is you hover over content and then

choose add content and you need to

select that piece of content here so

anytime you're going to create a new

basic page a new landing page a new

event for your event calendar that's

gonna be through here now when you're

creating something like a basic page you

have the option to save it as a layout

and so to view the layouts you've saved

you would go to content and then click

on layouts here and so this is your view

of all the layouts for the site

let's say you want to add a piece of

media whether that be a PDF document or

a video or an image if you hover over

content and choose add media then you'll

have the option to either let's say

upload a PDF I would choose file and I

would upload my PDF file or likewise if

I wanted to upload an image I had to go

to add media and select image and upload

my image file once those files are

uploaded you can actually view a similar

view like this for your pieces of

content you can view that

your files too if you click on this

files tab here which is also going to be

the exact same thing you'll get to if

you hover over content and choose files

this is just a list of all the different

files whether they're documents or

images or videos they'll all show up

here now you can also view video

separately if you choose this tab over

here and the media tab it might be a

little bit confusing with the files tab

but essentially if you're going to be

interacting with a let's say like an

image on your pages you're going to be

using your media library and so this

right here is essentially your media

library now if we move on here to

structure for those users who have that

particular user role you'll be able to

do things like create custom blocks and

view your custom block library edit your

menus your navigation menus or create

new menus for like your side nabs or

special landing pages or something like

that and then web forms so if i want to

view my custom block library i'd hover

over block layout and then choose custom

block library this is where all my

custom blocks are say my you know custom

Jumbotrons or footers things like that

and then if i go to menus and i click on

menus this is going to show me a list of

all the different menus that i have to

use on my site I can create new menus

here or I can edit existing menus like

my main navigation that appears across

all the pages on my site which is pretty

nice and then finally web form so if I

click on web forms they'll take me to a

list of all the web forms on my site

you'll probably see a bunch of example

web forms and those are just there one

that's when your new site is provisioned

for you and likewise there's some

templates here that you can use if you

if you need to use those

to move on under configuration you're

only really gonna use this if you're

going to create a redirect using a

custom URL to do that you would just

kind of hover over search and metadata

URL redirects and then add redirect and

then you can type in the fields here

which you know what your custom path is

going to be and where you want to point

that to lastly and if you want to view

which users are have been associated

with your site you won't want to hover

over people and click that make sure you

to ignore the add new user option you

don't really need to use that guy

there's a different process for adding

new users and you can check out our

video tutorial on how to do that but if

you want to view which users are on your

site or have access to your site you can

go here this is also going to be where

you're going to go if a new user is

created and you need to assign new user

roles to them you can search for a

specific user by either searching for

their user name or searching for their

email so you can see I can pull up my

user account there and you can also pull

up users by you know whether or not

they're active what kind of use a role

they have things like that you'll notice

here that a little back to site button

has popped up so I can click that

that'll take me right back to where my

site is take me out of the people menu

one last thing to show you before we're

done if you want to reorient where this

secondary menu appears there's this

little arrow that appears to the far

right side and so if you click that

that'll turn this into a side navigation

and so if you rather use your menus on

you know the side of the screen rather

rather than across the top you can do

that as well it's just really user

preference and that's that's how you use

the menus in the site hopefully you've

learned a little bit here and you can

feel more comfortable navigating around

your website