Organzing the Navigation Menus Video Transcript

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all right welcome so in this video we're

going to go over how to organize the

menu links that appear in the top

navigation on your site the first thing

you'll want to do is hover over

structure then go to menus and then

you'll choose the menu from here now by

default your site's gonna be set up with

this guy right here main navigation but

of course if you decide to utilize the

the feature in this platform where you

get to choose or set up multiple menu

structures for various landing pages

things like that then you can choose any

of those menus here but for purposes of

what we're doing here most folks are

probably just going to be messing about

the main navigation so that's what we'll

do today we're gonna update this main

nav so I'll go ahead and click on that

real quick so we can see what it looks


now this is gonna take me to a page

where it shows me a list of all the

different menu links that I currently

have in my top navigation bar the menus

that are all the way to the left are the

parent level links that appear at the

very top and then the ones that are

nestled on to the right of those are

going to be the child menu links so if I

go back to the home page here you can

see that Colorado mountains is at the

very top and to the left so that means

it's going to be the first menu link

that appears at the very top level and

then you'll see as I hover over this

Mount Evans appears and if we look down

here we'll see you Mountain Evans is the

first child level menu link that appears

below Colorado mountains this is a

drag-and-drop view so really all you

need to do to reorganize the links that

you've got here is just drag and drop

them into the position that you like so

let's say for example that we want to

move contacts well tear to the very

beginning before Colorado mountains all

I do is I try to locate the contacts

link back it's at the very top

like so and then let's do one more let's

say I wanted maybe this long speech menu

link to you up here as a child menu link

underneath Mount heaven so it'd be here

in this list at the top here then what I

do is I would go ahead and find the long

speak menu and then I would pull it up

drag it to the right and then pull it to

the very top here

now that I've got all my changes that I

know I'm gonna want I'll have to save

you'll see that there's a message here

that says that I've made some changes

but they're not saved yet so I'm going

to scroll down all the way to the bottom

and click Save

formation message let's go ahead and go

to the home page

you'll see here's contacts very left and

if I go over Colorado mountains Mount

Evans longs peak is right there

now you also notice that there are some

other options when you go into that menu

so if we go to structure menus and I

look at my main navigation again you'll

see that we have have the option to

enable links to display or not display

so let's say maybe I just have no use

for having this contacts menu link

appearing here anymore all I need to do

is I can click or check that box there

or enable them that'll disable the link

so that it won't show up in the main nav

anymore so let's go ahead and click Save

and if we go back to our homepage you

can see now it's gone you also have the

ability to edit links and create new

links so if I go back into the main

navigation here you'll see that I have

the option to you just completely delete

a link or I can edit a link by clicking

on that and then you can update the URL

or the path that needs to link to or

anything else really whichever you need

to do there and then also you can add a

link by clicking this button here at the

top or if you hover over structure menus

and then hover a remain navigation or

really any of the menus here you see

that there's an option to add add a link