Performing Mass Operations

The Create/Edit views have several button options at the bottom of the page: Published, Draft, Archived, Save, Preview, and Delete.

Saving content will save all changes without changing whether the node is published or unpublished (i.e., published pages will remain published, unpublished pages will remain unpublished).

The preview button shows a preview of the node.

Publishing content saves changes and makes the node visible to anonymous users.

Unpublishing content saves changes and hides content from anonymous users.

Deleting content permanently removes the node and any revisions from the site.

Archiving the content will archive articles and blog posts in the content view. They are no longer visible on the site and can be republished at any time.

Additionally, a page can be cloned from either the pen icon on a landing page main page block, or from the page menu under the clone tab.

Mass actions (i.e. Publish or Unpublish) can be performed on multiple nodes at a time within the Content view.

How to Perform Mass Actions

  1. Navigate to the Content view.
  2. Check the boxes in the left column the correlate with the content items you want to update.
  3. Select the appropriate operation for the Actions dropdown menu.
  4. Click Apply to selected items. A confirmation page will appear if the mass action was deleting content. There is no confirmation page for mass action publishing and unpublishing.
Screenshot showing the mass operations drop down