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welcome so in this video we're going to

talk about publishing content now

whenever you create a new piece of

content you're gonna be given the option

to save it either as a published page

let's say or a draft and so we're going

to talk about what that means so first

I'm going to go ahead and create a basic

page here

begin to give it a title


at some content

and let's say I'm happy I'm all done now

when you scroll to the bottom you're

going to be given an option here either

you can save this page as a draft which

is the default option or you can save it

as a published page now the difference

between these two is this if I save this

page as published what that means is

that this page is live so anyone that

gets the URL to my new page is going to

be able to view it if I save this as a

draft what that means is that this page

is still needing review so the version

of the page that I'm working on needs to

be published before anyone else can see

it so just to kind of show you what it

looks like let's save this as a draft

all right and you'll see just kind of

off the bat here there's some things to

take note of first is the pink

background that's a visual indicator for

you to let you know hey this page is not

published yet you'll know definitely if

something's published or not if you open

up a private window and copy and paste

your link to the page you'll see that

someone who's not logged in will get an

access denied error message while

someone who is logged in will see

something like this now this page is

saved as a draft and if I want to be


I do have need to have the permissions

to be able to publish pages those who

have those permissions can either use

the moderation feature here or if I

click the edit tab and I scroll all the

way down I can go ahead and just change

this to published and then click Save

and you'll note right off the bat hey

there's no pink background anymore if we

go ahead and try to open this up in a

private window pretending we're like a

public user I can see the page so this

page is live now one of the cool things

about being able to save drafts is that

you can have multiple versions of a page

at the same time and one of those

versions being like the current live

version and then you can have a second

draft version that's waiting for

approval so this is really helpful for

those who have teams where the workflow

is like you know one person you know

will make the content edits and then

another person has to approve of those

content edits so for example for how

that would work is I would edit this

page and make some changes and then I

would save this as a draft again because

I need it to be approved so I'll click


you'll notice that now we have a latest

version tab that appears here at the top

and we're looking at that pink

background again I can see my changes

that I made you also note that if we

click on this view tab we actually get

to see the current line version of the

page so this page as far as the public

user has had no changes however we know

because we've just made some changes

here that they're waiting for approval

if you have the permissions to be able

to publish pages then you can view all

the drafts on your site by going to


then clicking on moderated content and

here it's going to give me a list of all

my drafts or archives and all I need to

do is click on the page the most recent

one is going to be on the top

and then from here I can approve those

changes if I want to making sure this is

checked as published click apply

and now you'll see that latest version

tab is gone my current version is also

my most recent version and so all those

changes that I made are now publicly

visible you'll also note that if we edit

a published page we'll be given a third

option which is to save a pages archive

but archives does is basically just make

the page unpublished completely so there

will be no current version or live

version of this page if I save it as

archived so I'll be putting this away

and kind of setting inside for later but

I don't want anybody to see anything

about it this this page is invisible to

the public as far as they're concerned

but again you know if you have those

permissions you can use the moderation

feature to change this back to a draft

or publish page and like I mentioned

earlier if you go to content and

moderated content you'll be able to see

both drafts and archives here and these

same pages are going to display in your

general overview as either published or

unpublished so this page is unpublished

and unpublished again it's just kind of

general term for meeting like hey the

general public cannot see this so I

guess the main takeaway is if you

publish the page anyone can see it if

you save it as an archive or if you save

it as a draft that pages or that version

of the page is unpublished and so the

public can see you