Security Best Practices

Physical Security

If there is physical access to the computer, it is easy for a customer to break in or misuse the system.

Do not leave the computer logged in if you are away. Change your computer’s settings to automatically lock after 15 minutes or less of non-use. After each use session, make a point to completely log out of your CMS secure website. Failure to log out may result in the log-in session remaining open regardless of the browser or tab being closed.

System Maintenance

Maintain your systems with the most current security patches (aka Service Packs) from your system’s vendor. This will close most of the known security holes. Systems should have the most current security patches and up to date anti-virus system per your entities security policy.

Password Security

Never store password as plain text or write down on paper. Use encryption utilities if you have to store the password in a file for some reason. Do not share your password with anyone, including your coworkers. If a coworker needs an account, contact CI to set up an account for them. Do not reuse a password that you have used somewhere else.