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welcome in this video we're going to

learn how to utilize tags to relate

various pieces of content with each

other now you can see that if I hover

over Colorado mountains I actually have

a bunch of different pages about

different mountains in Colorado maybe I

might want to relate each of these pages

with each other so then when maybe

somebody's looking at my Mount Evans

page they might see other related pages

that appear down here at the bottom of

the page to do it it's pretty simple

let's go ahead and walk to that process

so I'm going to edit this amount Evans


and if I want to have the related

content actually display at the bottom

of the page I'm going to click on this

display tab and I'm going to check this

box here for show related tags this is

going to make sure that the tags that I

associate with the other pieces of

content will then appear at the bottom

of the page once I do that I'll go over

here to relationships and I'll add a tag

that's either pre-existing or I'll

create a new tag in this case I already

have a tag for mountain associated with

my other pages so if I search for


you'll see that my options come up I

select it and that's it if I click Save

and scroll down to the bottom here you

can see now I actually have that related

content showing up and any other piece

of content or at least up to three

recent pieces of content that have that

mountain tag associated with it are

going to appear at the bottom of my page

and obviously if you wanted to add more

tags like you see here I can add more so

maybe I want to relate this to something


let's go over your hair relationships

let's say I also want to relate this to

you anything that says Colorado pages

also like that now click Save

I scroll down here you'll see that now

it's also associated to this other page

that has this Colorado pages tag to it

so that's it it's really simple

essentially all you need to do is create

a tag and then associate your different

pieces of content with that with that

tag and then if you want the related

content to display on the page you just

go into that display tab and enable it

to display and that's it