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welcome in this video we will discuss

the top 10 most common mistakes that are

made when editing a website let's get


it's most common to

create a link to somewhere by simply

navigating to that page let's say i

wanted to create a link to this mount

evans page here

now normally what you do is you grab the

url like this you highlight from the

address bar

you copy it and then you use that for

your link

now there's one major problem with this

particularly for people who are building

a new website and that's uh the fact

that your your

sort of initial build is going to be

in something called the staging

environment so your url is going to have

a little dot stg kind of like what you

see right here

but when your site goes live

that little stg is going to go away so

you can imagine if you create a link

that has a stg in it and then your site

goes live what you're going to end up

doing is pointing people to your stage

site rather than the current site that's


so the better way to do this is to use a

little feature called linkit let me show

you how that works

first we're going to create a page

next we're going to add our text for the


and you're going to highlight the part

of the text and you want to make the


and in this case since we're trying to

link to a page on our website

we're going to click this little button

right here we'll link with the plus icon

we're going to start searching for the

page name

click the page name under the content


and it's going to create what's called a

relative path link for you it should

look like this

and you click save

and you'll see once i save this page

that the link will connect

to the correct page and it it it won't

matter whether you've created the page

or link the page in the staging

environment or not

if you create the link that way it'll

open up in the correct site

so another common mistake for users is

to write content for their site in like

a word processing document or maybe

they're just copying content from

another webpage and they copy and paste

directly into that page

now this actually can cause some issues

with how the page looks so let's say

i've got this document here you can see

i've got all sorts of formatting going

on i've got um you know some different

text and and font sizes up here we've

got some text colors some indents

some bolding so

all this stuff here if i just try to

simply copy and paste everything that's

on this page

and i try to paste it into an existing

page or a new page that i created

by doing a simple control v or command v

you're going to get this warning message

saying um that you're trying to paste

something in this case from word it's

going to ask if you want to clean the

formatting and if you click ok you'll

see it actually doesn't so

right now it's using different

fonts and all that stuff that was

directly copied over from the word

document and you know depending on how

you want the page to look that might be

fine but it's going to be quite

different from what the site defaults

are so unless you've applied the same

formatting to every other page on your

site it's going to look pretty

inconsistent so

the better way to go around about this

is to use a keyboard shortcut to remove

formatting while you're pasting content

from somewhere else

that keyboard shortcut is ctrl shift v


command shift v if you're using a mac

so if i do control shift v you'll see it

actually removes all the excess


paste the text in the same font as the

rest of the page and yes it's going to

leave you with a little bit of manual

work to you know remove some of the

stuff here

which is probably why it's better to

start building out the content in the

page itself if you can

um but yeah so you'll see that that that

way we can keep

this page looking consistent with the

rest of the other pages

there you go

so yet another common mistake we often

see people do is they they'll actually

accidentally delete their home page uh

this is possible because if you go into

content where you go into your overview

you can find your home page by searching


and you'll see it's just another content

type that appears here along with the

rest of your pages and you do get the

option to delete the page the problem is

if you delete the home page this isn't

something you can reverse so we're not

going to be able to recover your

homepage for you

there's no way to kind of get it rebuilt

for you you'll have to rebuild it


we can turn any other landing page you'd

like into a homepage for you if this


but typically you don't want to do that

because it's going to break the home

page anybody that tries to go to your

url is going to find an error message so

the better way to go about this is if

you want to change whatever is going on

your homepage you can either a just edit

the existing home page and make your

changes there of course the system will

allow you to to save drafts if it's kind

of like a work in progress you need to

work on it over time

the other thing you can do is you can

actually create a totally separate

landing page and with that landing page

you can either let our service desk know

or if you're working with a project

manager you can let your pm know

that you want to make that page your new

homepage and we can go into the

configuration of the site for you and

set that up as a separate home page so

rule of thumb do not delete your home


now another common mistake we'll see is

that people will

want to remove the secondary footer

that's enabled in their site um every

site can be provisioned with two sort of

sections in the footer area so there's

gonna be the main footer that has all

the state transparency accessibility

links all that kind of stuff and then

there's a secondary footer that you can

utilize if you want that will also

display across the site and you can add

things like contact info or whatever you

need but in some cases people don't want

to use that

and so

the common mistake is that people just

delete the block and we have removed

most of the ways that you could actually

get around deleting this

which is a good news but still

seems like every once in a while someone

won't be able to try to delete their

footer and that's actually a really bad

thing because it the footer is tied to

other functionality on your site it

takes development resources for us to be

able to

get that working again and so it takes

time to get it reenabled which means

there might be a little bit of time

before your site's back to fully

functioning order so instead if you

don't want to utilize that footer all

you got to do is edit the block by

clicking on the little contextual pen

icon clicking edit

and simply remove

any content that's in the block so

you're not deplete deleting the block

you're just removing the content from

the block after that you just click save

and the photo will be gone

now another common issue comes along

when a user no longer needs editing

access to the site and you want to

revoke the editing permissions

now you'll see if you have

a user admin role you can click on this

people tab here you can view any of the

users that have permissions on your site

you can edit other users and you'll see

at the very bottom of any user account

you have the option to cancel the

account now this gets really dangerous

because if you cancel the account you

delete that user account

potentially any content that that user

touch whether it be revisions for pages

or whole entire pages themselves could

be erased from the site and there's no

getting that back so instead of

canceling account wholesale what we

recommend doing is editing the user

account for whoever it is

unchecking those user roles just to make

sure that even if they were somehow able

to get in they still wouldn't have

permissions and then simply just change

the status from active to blocked and

click save and that will ensure that

that user can no longer log into the

website or make any changes

so yeah another common mistake we see is

that it can be really easy to not do

proper review of your pages after you

make edits to them

one of the best things you can do is to


the page that you've just edited

in circumstances where other people are

going to see the page so whenever you're

logged in you're making changes there's

potential for your view to be different

from what other people see so the best

way around this is to simply copy the

url for the page you're working on and

open a private window now in google

chrome there's going to be these little

menu options over here where you can

click on that and choose new incognito

window if you're using firefox you can

use the keyboard shortcut ctrl shift p

or command shift p if you're on mac um

basically any web browser is going to

allow you to get into some sort of

incognito or private mode so i'll open

up a private window paste the url for my


so you see when the page loads um i'm

actually logged out so i'm viewing the

page as other people will see the page

now it's also really important to check

what the mobile views are for your web


you could of course check on your own

mobile device

but a lot of browsers will also emulate

this for you

so if you do the keyboard shortcut f12

in chrome

it'll pull up the inspector view and you

can click this little icon here you want

to make sure that that is toggled on

and it will allow you to choose

different mobile devices to preview from

so i can see what this page looks like

on an iphone 10.

i can make sure that everything's

stacking nicely making sure that all the

images and everything are adjusting as i


you can check on you know it's probably

good to check on a few different devices

if you can

looks like everything looks good here

once you're done you can click the

little x

another really important aspect of

reviewing your pages is to test

everything out make sure everything

works the way you expect it to um of

course like we just talked about

reviewing the page in a private window

is great checking mobile is great but

you know also do things like click on

each of the links make sure the links

are opening the way you expect them to

check any of the other additional

features like this icon card here is

it's going to open to google like i

expect yes it does great

you know things like that are going to

really make the user experience so much

better for the people who visit your

site because you'll know that the page

is functioning as it should

another common error we see is that

people will

tend to upload images into the media

library without actually cropping them

now depending on where you're going to

place the images the cropping actually

doesn't apply but two particular regions

are the jumbotron of like a homepage

like you see here

and also featured images and so with

those two

placements you'll essentially need to

crop the image to ensure that it's going

to display that we wanted to so you know

right now i've got this picture of these

apartments in downtown denver but

they're not quite focused on what i want

there's a bridge somewhere down here in

this in the middle section of the

picture that i really want to call

attention to so

to fix this what i'm going to do is i'm

going to go into my media library

i'm going to find the image here's the

image right here of the denver


and i'm going to adjust the hero

cropping for the jumbotron this is going

to apply for either the jumbotron or any

hero rows that you use

and all you got to do is click inside

and drag the little box

and then place it where you'd like

and likewise if you're going to do like

a featured image featured crop is right

here so you can adjust that there once

you're done with your cropping you can

scroll down and click save

and we'll go back to our home page

and you'll see in the jumbotron section

now the image is now adjusted it's

fitted to exactly where i want the image

to focus on

another understandable mistake that

we'll see people make is that if they

have a page that's been published then

they want to remove it from the public

eye but they don't want to delete it

what we see people tend to do at least

sometimes is they'll go into edit and

they'll change the page to a draft and

they'll click save

now this can be a little bit deceiving

because when you change a publish page

back to a draft

it'll look like the page has been

unpublished you see that there's a pink

background there indicating such but

really when you save a published page

and revert it back to a draft what ends

up happening is the system saves two

versions of that page so now we have a

latest version

which is the unpublished version and

then we have if we click on view here we

see that the published version before

any possible changes were made before it

was saved is still there

so the best way to get around this is

first i'll have to revert this back to a

publish page so i can show you

this will only work with an existing

publish page

what you'll do is you're going to

instead archive the page so we're going

to click on the edit tab again

and we're going to scroll down and this

will only appear when the current state

is published so if you

choose archived click save

you'll see that now the page is fully

unpublished you see you'll see the pink

background there and that's what that's

indicating and there's also no

current version tab so that's how you

remove a page from public view without

deleting a wholesale

so the last kind of common error we want

to point out is the fact that when you

get a newly provisioned website you'll

see that there's a few default menu

links that get added to your main


in particular a couple of those is

contacts and events now contacts and

events are actually not regular pages

these are automated views that have a

particular functionality to them

now if you don't want to use these it's

better to not delete the links wholesale

instead what you can do is go to


menus main navigation

and instead of deleting this what i'm

going to do is i'm going to scroll down

to where those links are and i'm going

to simply uncheck

the boxes for

under the enabled column here and that

will disable these links so that they'll

stay here if you ever want to

incorporate that functionality in your

site in the future

but they'll be hidden from the main nav

and so other people won't be able to see

it they won't be able to click on it and

you won't have to manage it

you'll see here if we let that save

i'll go back to my home here

and voila there are no contact or events


so we hope that was helpful if you have

any more questions feel free to reach

out to our service desk or the project

manager you're working with we also have

a web page detailing all these things

that we've covered here today in this


and thanks for watching