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welcome in this video we're going to

walk through how to utilize Jumbotron

now to add a Jumbotron to your landing

pages now Joma tron that's really nice

because it allows you to create a

Jumbotron on the fly as you're editing

your landing page one thing to note

though is that with Jumbotron now let's

say you've created a Jumbotron using

geometry now like I have here with this

page and you go in to edit the landing

page and you switch out the Jumbotron

you're using with something else well if

you try to switch it back to Jumbotron

now it's just going to ask you to create

the slides over again so just keep that

in mind as you're utilizing this let's

go ahead and walk through the process

for creating a Jumbotron using Jumbotron

now I've got a another landing page over

here that I want to add a different drum

boater onto so I'm going to scroll down

to the Edit tab here and click Edit

I'm editing my landing page here and I'm

gonna go to the Jumbotron settings

and I'm going to click on Jumbotron now

right now the first thing we're gonna be

prompted to do is add a banner title

this is going to essentially create a

description that appears over the top of

the banner this is optional so you don't

have to utilize this if you don't want

to but just for the sake of testing

things out let's go ahead and add a

title here and banner body is just going

to appear in the same section but just

below the title alright and then a link

you can add here if you'd like to you

can add a link to an external page by

copying the entire URL or let's say you

want to link to a page within your site

you can use a relative path link by

copying the very end thereof the URL

and then pasting it here next what we'll

need to do is add an image so I'm going

to click this little arrow and it's

going to bring up my Media Browser

right off the bat here or my media

library and so I can search through my

media library for images that I have

already uploaded or if I want to upload

a new image items like this upload

images option here and select a new

image from my computer let's go ahead

and select the image we've already got I

really like this orange one here so

let's click on that guy and then we're

going to scroll all the way down to the

bottom and click select images

all right now my image is uploaded if I

want to add another image I can do that

by clicking this add jumbo slide button

here and again I just get the same

options I can add a title body at a link

I can choose my image and go ahead and

choose one more image here roll all the

way to the bottom again let the image

and there it is also note that you can

reorganize these by dragging and

dropping the images and whatever order

you'd like so I can let's get up here

then that one will be first and vice

versa so that's pretty nifty let's go

ahead and scroll to the bottom let's say

I'm all done creating my Jumbotron I can

go ahead and click Save

and you can see here's my Jumbotron on

my landing page so here is that title

and the body field that we filled out

for the banner here's that link that I

added if I click on this read more link

it'll take me to that page

and you'll see I have multiple images in

the order that I chose to display them

one final thing that's worth noting is

that the images are going to upload

within the dimensions of the jumbotron

area and it doesn't give you an option

to crop the image as you're uploading it

so you'll want to make sure that when

you're choosing images to utilize in

your Jumbotron using Jumbotron now that

those images are optimized for this size

we do have user guides available online

that will tell you what the different

dimensions are various images on your

site that you need but otherwise that's

literally everything we needed to do

just edit the landing page create a

couple slides and then publish it and

here we go you have a Jumbotron