Creating Additional Menus Video Transcript

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welcome in this video we're going to

walk through how to create a custom menu

now each site is going to be provisioned

with a main navigation which is what you

see here the main nav is going to appear

either above or below the Jumbotron if

you choose to utilize drumotron

depending on what your settings are for

that landing page now you can also have

a secondary menu which will appear at

the page level so for instance this gray

speak page here as a left nav menu that

appears on the left side and this menu

is completely independent of what the

main nav menu is so let's go ahead and

walk through the process of how to

create a secondary navigation

first you'll start with going to

structure and then you'll choose menus

now the first thing you'll see here is a

list of different menus that you can

edit if you'd like you can also create a

new menu on the fly let's say I want to

edit this menu 10 I haven't done

anything with it yet

the first thing I want to do is give it

a title something descriptive that I'll

know what this refers to and then I want

to make sure I click Save

all right so my menu name has been

updated now I can come back in and I can

start adding links

first I'll click the add link button

it'll give my first menu link a title

and then I'll search for a page if I've

already created it or I'll copy and

paste the full URL of an external page

so for instance I've already got this

page created here so I can just search

for it it'll pull it up for me pretty

nifty you want to make sure that this

enabled box is checked it should be

automatically description adds a little

hover box that will appear if a user

hovers our cursor over the menu and that

description will appear here all right

we can choose to show this as expanded

and it gives you some options for

choosing the parent link and weight but

I'm going to ignore that because I can

actually realize this in a more

intuitive way a little bit later so I'm

going to go ahead and click Save

right and I've got a confirmation saying

my menus been saved pretty cool let's go

ahead and add another look

click Add link

and this time let's point to an external

page by Google

I'll go and get the full URL

I'll be this year

taste it here

all right leave all the other settings I

don't need a description for this one

click Save

and for fun let's add one more menu

my menu link

let's see here


like that guy and click Save

all right so I've got my manual set up

if I want to reorganize how the menu

links appear I can edit my menu again

and I can simply drag and drop them in

whatever order I need we have another

video that goes into you how

specifically to organize this if he

wants you but just know that basically

if you want to nest one menu link under

another that's going to make it sort of

like a sub menu leaving it over at the

far left gonna leave it at the parent

level and you can reorganize these as

such just by dragging and dropping them

and then quick and safe

right now let's see what this looks like

so I'll go ahead and create a page real


well it's my test page too

and the way that I enable this menu is I

go to display and I can choose here

whether I want the menu to appear on the

left or the right and say I want on the

right I can choose my menu I created

here and so all I have to do is enable


go ahead and save this page

and there is mine and you