Custom Blocks Part 2: Using Custom Blocks Video Transcript

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welcome in this video we're going to

walk through how to use custom blocks

that you've created now this is a

companion video to the creating custom

blocks video so you if you haven't

checked that out yet I recommend

checking that out first basically once

you've created your custom block you can

then reference that custom block in

different parts of your site a couple of

those places is on a landing page so you

can show your custom block in the

jumbotron area and also you can show it

in the footer section let's go ahead and

walk through how to do that real quick

if I hover over content I'm going to go

to another landing page that I have

and let's say that on this particular

landing page I want to add a Jumbotron

let's go ahead and edit the landing page

and under Jumbotron we're going to

choose show alternate Jumbotron and then

here is where I get to choose one of the

blocks that I've created so in this case

I created the awesome block just a

little bit ago I'll choose that click


and then the block that I created shows

up right here and you can see it's fully


likewise I can add the same thing to the

footer so if I edit the landing page


go to display and under footer choose

show alternate footer again I can choose

from the various blocks that I've

created and so I can choose my awesome

block click Save

and there it is

now you can also use custom blocks when

you're using rows and cards for a page

or a landing page and if you utilize

block cards or tap cards you can

reference a custom block as well so

let's go ahead and walk through that

real quick well go ahead and just create

a basic page

give it a quick title

and we'll add a row

and once we get to adding cards if you

click this drop-down arrow you'll have a

choice for a block card so we click that

guy kind of the same thing we just

choose from this drop-down menu a a

custom block that's already been created

and we just reference that here's one

other block that I created this kimchi

block so I'll choose that you get some

additional options of adding color if

you want to and the other block type

that you can use is called tabs and so

with tabs you give your tab title

and then in the body section you can

choose either basic card a block or

review so let's go ahead and choose to

reference a block in this case maybe I

want that kimchi one again I'll choose

that and for the heck of it how about we

add another tab section

and let's reference a news view

the body you

let's say I want to reference the recent

articles okay

we'll go ahead and publish this

and here we are so I've got my page here

is the custom block that I'm displaying

through the block card and the kind of

you know unique thing about this is that

I'm using one card space but within this

one card is actually two rows so when I

created this custom block I have two

rows the top row is for the title the

second rows for the image and then

similarly through the the tabs card I'm

referencing the same block clicking the

tab and of course based on the

functionality of tabs you can have these

tabs up here at the top that reference

different pieces of content so one of

those can be a custom block so that's

everything we're going to cover in this

video basically you can use your custom

blocks and display them either in the

jumbotron area the footer area or you

can utilize block cards or tab cards and

display your custom blocks there