Linking to Documents Video Transcript

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welcome in this video tutorial we're

going to talk about how to link to


now before you can get to this step

you'll want to make sure to upload

your document to your media library like

i've done with this one right here

if you haven't done that yet make sure

you do that first and if you

are not sure how to do that we have a

separate video that

gives you instructions on how to upload

documents to your media library

so once you've uploaded your document to

your media library

then you can link to this document a few

different ways so that you can

actually share it with other people so

to demonstrate that i'll go ahead and

create just a basic page here real quick

all right and we'll give it a name

now the most common way you're going to


sharing this document with other people

is by linking to it using a custom link

so to create a custom link first we put

our text


then after you've typed out your text

you can simply

highlight the part of the text that you

want to create the link for

make sure that the part you're

highlighting is descriptive of

whatever the document is going to be

then you click the little

link icon up here with the little plus


and you'll search for the file name of

the document

now if your file name for the document

you uploaded has like

dashes or underscores or anything like

that you'll have to include that in your


once you select the document it should

create a relative

path link for you which looks something

sort of like this

and the title the link title should be

down here all this stuff

should be good so we're going to go

ahead and click save

and as you'll see it creates a little


this is blue tells me yes this is a link

to a document we'll test this out in a


but i also wanted to show you that you

can also embed documents onto a page

and the way that you do something like

that is you put your cursor

wherever you want the document to go

then you'll click the little e

icon here in the wysiwyg bar

then you can search for the document in

your media library

a new one is just going to be at the

very top so this is the one i'm going to


so i'll select it i'm going to ask you

to confirm that this is the actual

document you want to use

yes that's the one click you selected

and then make sure the

display as is selected as embedded it

should be automatically but in case

for some reason it gets switched make

sure it's on embedded

and then alignment you don't need to

worry about this part you can just leave


at none then click embed

now the two here don't look that

drastically different but you'll see

when we preview our page

that here at the top is our regular link

we created and

here is the embedded document and so

the embedded document will have this

little you know page icon

it'll show the actual file name um

instead of you know whatever text you

might put for a link and actually shows

you like the size of the file over here


this is how this is going to look any

time you embed a document

one note is that if you've got a lot of

documents that you want to embed

it can be a little bit tricky because

you'll see that i'll try to click down


the embedded document and my cursor is

not going anywhere

if that happens to you this little red

line should pop up just click the little

red box

and it should space down so you could

add another document if you want

let's go ahead and test this out i'm

going to save this as a draft

and here if we click on our link opens

up the document

if we click on the embedded document

opens up again

the embedded documents will open in a

new tab automatically

if you want that to happen for a regular

link you can do that

basically after you create the custom

link you can then

highlight it and then click on the

regular link icon here

and choose target and then select

new window

and now when we save this and we try to

open up

the document using the custom link it

will also open up in a new tab

so there it is that's