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Linking to Documents


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    Once a document has been uploaded to your Media Library, you can then link to the document anywhere on your site. While there are different options for linking to documents, we recommend linking directly to the file in most cases. Follow these instructions to link to your upload document.

    Step 1: Edit the Page

    Navigate to the page or other content type that you want to link the document to and click Edit.

    Step 2: Add Anchor Text for the Link

    Using the WYSIWYG editor, add the text for the link. The anchor text should be descriptive of the document. Avoid using general words like "here" or "click here".

    Anchor Text for Document Link

    Step 3: Highlight the Anchor Text

    Use your cursor to highlight the part of the text that users will click on to open the document.

    Anchor Text Highlighted screenshot

    Step 4: Click the LinkIt Button in the WYSIWYG

    In the WYSIWYG toolbar, click the LinkIt button (the second link icon with the '+' icon).

    Documents Linkit Button screenshot

    Step 5: Search for the Document's File Name

    Start typing the name of the file in the Link field. Note that you want to search for the file name, not the title given to the media item. If the file name as underscores, dashes, or special characters, you will want to include those in your search.

    Search Document Name screenshot

    Step 6: Select the File

    When choosing the document to link to, you will have two options: Media or File

    • File: In most cases, we would recommend choosing the result under File. This links directly to the file itself, which results in the file opening immediately when a user clicks the links. 
    • Media: Choosing the result under Media will link to the document's media page, a separate page that holds the file. This is only useful if you plan on updating a single file on a regular basis and don't want to continually update the link on the page. Note that this method requires the user to make two clicks to get to the document.
    Document Search screenshot

    Step 7: Save Your Changes

    If successful, the highlight text will turn blue and underlined, indicating the link is created.

    Document Link Complete

    When finished, click Save.

    Pro Tip: Always test the link after saving the page to ensure it functions as intended.

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