Uploading Documents to the Media Library Video Transcript

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welcome in this video we're going to

review how to upload documents to your

media library now your media library can

be accessed by clicking on content and

then going over to the media tab over

here all the documents and images and

even videos that we upload are going to

go to this media library and once it's

uploaded into the media library you can

reference those documents or images or

whatever across basically your whole

site now to upload a document there's a

couple ways you can do that one ways you

can use these menu options appear so if

we hover over content add media you can

choose document you'll choose the

document from your computer note that

there are restrictions to what file

types you can choose I'll choose my file

real quick


give it a name there's a couple fields

for description here this one allows you

to add a description that's used as the

label of the link to the file and this

one is a description for SEO you can use

these this related tags field to relate

this piece of media this document with

other documents or other other files

that are in my media library by creating

a tag with a shared term so if you've

already created a tag before it'll pop

up below or if it's a brand new one you

can just kind of type it in you can add

multiple tags by clicking this add

another item button otherwise if you

don't do any of that the only required

fields part of these two up to top to

give you your media name and then upload

the file once you've done that you can

click Save

and you'll see you'll get a confirmation

message saying that you've created this

document and if I scroll down my newly

uploaded document will be right here at

the top of the list now the other way

that you can upload documents is on the

fly as you're creating a piece of

content so for example let's say that I

am creating a basic page

and I forgot to open well my document

that's all right all I need to do is

place my cursor inside the body field

here then I can click this Media Browser

button and you'll see I'm given an

option up here to upload a file so if I

click file upload I can select the file

from my computer and I can choose

whatever file it is I want

I can use selected and then from here I

can tell it to do whatever I need to do

in this case I can embed the file

alright and that's it that's how you

upload documents to your media library