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welcome in this video we're going to

talk about how to add images to your

media library now the reason why you'd

add images to your media libraries so

you can then use those images on your

pages on your site so for instance this

page I'm making here on frogs it's

looking a little dense as far as text

goes I won't be able to break that up by

adding some images you'll see I do have

one image here on this info slider row

and then this is embedded on this page

because I first uploaded this image into

the media library and then I used a

media card to place in this row so what

I'm going to show you here is how to

upload a new image to the media library

it's pretty straightforward all you have

to do is go up to content media add

media and choose image

and from here you're first going to

upload your file now keep in mind

there's a 2 megabyte limit and you can

only upload these following image file

types the 2 megabyte limit is simply

just so that the page doesn't get bogged

down by large images so page a lot of

times to continue to stay quick let's go

ahead and choose a file here I'm going

to choose one for my downloads folder

that I got earlier today

all right and so once the image uploads

here I'll first need to give it a name

and this name is not going to show on

the image when I put it on my page but

rather it's going to show up them a

media library from what I'm searching

for an image

alternative text is also required this

is important for accessibility reasons

make sure that whatever you put here in

this field is short but descriptive of

whatever's in the picture

and then further down have some cropping

options now these cropping options are

very for very specific use cases for

amusing images the featured crop allows

you to make the crop selection for a

featured image that's gonna be different

than a regular image used in a media

card or something like that on your

pages we have some more information

elsewhere on on featured images but rest

assure that if you want to crop your

image to fit that featured area you

would simply just click on this featured

crop option and then drag across and

make the selection for how you want to

crop the image and then whenever you

utilize this picture in the featured

image area of your site then it'll show

up with this selection hero cropping

corresponds to basically your homepage

so if you're using jumbo slides or if

you're using hero rows that have a

background image this will allow you to

make the cropping for that selection

as you can see here if I if I were to

use this image on my home page it would

use this part of the picture scrolling

down a little bit farther another thing

you can do is you can add related tags

to your media items this is the same for

documents too basically if you want if

you want to relate a bunch of your

images together you can do that so you

know maybe I'm gonna have a whole

collection of frog images so I want to

create a frogs tag that way when I

search for frogs later all the related

images will come up you can actually add

multiple tags if you just click this

button here otherwise that that is an

optional feature so you don't have to

add that if you don't want to I think

I'm pretty good with just the name and

the alt text and fixing the cropping

here I'll go ahead and click Save

all right and so it'll take us back to

the media library and you'll see at the

very top of the list is my brand image

now that the images here I can now

utilize it on my pages on my Jumbotron

etc so in a nutshell that is how you add

images to your media library