FastTrack Projects

FastTrack projects are designed for entities that want to create a new Colorado Content Management Solution website and don’t need a significant amount of support from Colorado Interactive (CI). Entities that want to apply for FastTrack projects must have sufficient resources to complete their website within 90 days of website provisioning, be willing to complete the self-study training curriculum, and be able to create or migrate all site content with minimal assistance.

Submit a Website Request form to the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) to initiate a Colorado Content Management Solution FastTrack project!

What Should I Know Before Submitting a Website Project Request?

Please consider the following items prior to submitting your website request:

  • Site Name (e.g., Colorado Contenty Management Solution)
  • Site URL (e.g.,
    • Please note that all URLs will end with
  • Entity Project Manager (EPM)
    • The EPM will be Colorado Interactive’s point of contact and will be responsible for making many website-related decisions.
  • Executive Sponsor
    • It is highly recommended to have an Executive Sponsor so you have executive level buy-in for the website. However, it is not required and the EPM can act as the Executive Sponsor for FastTrack projects.
  • Web Team Members

What Happens After I Submit a Website Project Request?

Your request will go into a queue. SIPA will reach out to your EPM to complete initial documentation, including an Entity Registration Application and Security Agreements.

When your project reaches the front of the queue, a Colorado Interactive Project Manager (CIPM) will contact the EPM to discuss high-level project requirements and a tentative timeline. The project officially kicks off when the CIPM determines that the entity has sufficient resources to successfully complete a Colorado Content Management System FastTrack project.

What Should I Do After My Project Kicks Off?

There are several important tasks the EPM should work on while the CIPM creates and approves project documentation:

  • Ensure all team members complete the self-study training curriculum
  • Complete a site audit if you have an existing website
  • Create a sitemap. Entities with larger sites should ask their CIPM about the site-mapping tool called Slickplan.
  • Write or edit site content, including copy, images, and a site banner with the dimensions of 941x148 px.

Your Colorado Content Management System website will be provisioned once all documentation is fully executed. You will have 90 days from site provisioning to complete your Colorado Content Management System site. You must let your CIPM know immediately if you will not be able to meet your deadline.

Colorado Content Management System FastTrack help sessions are available every Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. You must sign up if you plan to attend to ensure the help sessions are adequately staffed.

We require two weeks prior to launching a site to complete necessary technical steps. Please communicate with your CIPM regarding your anticipated site completion date. Websites deploy on the first and third Tuesday evenings of a month unless a state holiday affects the weekly schedule.

Still Have Questions?

Please see our FastTrack Projects FAQs for more information.