Learn how to manage notices and alerts on your colorado.gov website.


Self - Study Curriculum

This curriculum is currently a work in progress - we appreciate your patience! 

General Platform Overview


Topic Guide Video
Signing Up Logging in for the first time Creating new users
Logging In Logging In Logging in and resetting your password
Creating New Users/Assigning Roles Creating new users Creating new users (seen above)
General Platform Overview CMS Overview CMS Overview


Creating Content


Topic Guide Video
Publishing Publishing States Publishing States
Scheduled publishing Publishing  
Revisions Revisions  
Layouts Layout options  
Display Options    
Webforms Webforms  
Rows Rows Using Rows and Cards
Cards Cards Using Rows and Cards
The Jumbotron The Jumbotron  

Editing Content


Topic Guide Video
Editing from the content view Editing in the content view  
Editing from the page view Editing in the page view  
Custom Blocks Creating custom blocks Creating Custom Blocks
Link-It Link-It Link-It
Creating/Editing Articles News  
Creating/Editing Events Events  
Webform Results Webform Results  
ShareThis and Social Media ShareThis   Social Media  


Creating a Site Structure