After creating content, the default Save settings are shown at the bottom of the page. Select the Publish option in the dropdown at the bottom of the page to publish the content to the current site. To save a draft, select the Draft option in the dropdown at the bottom of the page. A draft will not be visible to anonymous users. Ensure that after a selection has been made, Save is clicked.

two screenshots of publishing options

Any links to unpublished content will result in an error message for anonymous users; authenticated users will see unpublished content with a light pink background.

Screenshot showing the pink background of an unpublished page

Scheduled Publishing

Saving Content with the selection of Publish or Unpublish causes content to instantly be available to or hidden from anonymous visitors to the site. Content can also be scheduled to publish and/or unpublish at a specific time and/or date.

  1. Click Edit on the page with content to schedule.
  2. On the far-right side of the screen there is a box detailing settings for that page. Click the Scheduling Options section.
  3. Enter the date and time to publish and/or unpublish the content.
    1. Note that this feature uses a 24-hour clock.
  4. At the bottom of the page, set the selection box to Publish and click Save.
screenshot showing the scheduled publishing page