Learn how to manage notices and alerts on your colorado.gov website.


About the Content Overview

The Content Overview page provides a bird's eye view of your website. Every single piece of content created on your site (with the exception of webforms and custom blocks) will appear here. Learn more about using the Content Overview below:

Accessing the Content Overview

Click the Content button in the admin menu to go to your site's Content Overview screen.

Content Button in admin menu screenshot

Reviewing Content

In the Content Overview, you can see all published and unpublished content on your site. This includes:

  • Basic Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Articles
  • Contacts
  • Events
  • Jumbo Slides
  • Alerts

From here, you can see the following information for each piece of content:

  • Title: the name of the piece of content
  • Content Type: i.e., is it a basic page, article, event, etc.
  • Author: who originally created the piece of content
  • Status: the publishing status of the content
  • Updated: when the content was last saved
Content Overview Screen screenshot



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