Adding Icons to Button Links - Using the WYSIWYG Video Transcript

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in this video we're going to talk about

how to add icons to your button links so

what others we're going to edit this

page here create a new space for my new

button link and the first thing I need

to do is I need to find the icon that I

want to use now in the new platform here

we use font awesome icons and you'll see

there's a button for font awesome here

in the WYSIWYG clicking on that guy

you'll see there's a link up here at the

top right for font awesome icon list

that's what I want so I'm going to hold

the ctrl key and I'm going to click on

it so that opens up in a new tab

and I'm going to search for the icon I

want to use let's say I want to link out

to Facebook in that case I'd start

searching for Facebook it'll pop up all

these options here that aren't the non

Pro options are gonna be the ones that

I'll have so the ones that are colored

and are the ones I should be able to use

so I'll just kind of select one here

I'm looking for the font awesome ID so

what I'm gonna do is I'm going to scroll

down and click on this start using this

icon button I'm gonna look in this black

bar and copy the whole part that comes

with this FA the FA - something in this

case it's FA - Facebook - square

you're my copy bat

then I'm gonna go back to my page we'll

close out of this window and now I'm

going to create my button link so I'm

going to click on this button link

button here choose my style

and my text

my URL

and then in the icons tab here I'm gonna

pay attention to the right side just

notice there's two columns it's this

first column I want to use for font

awesome list of icons right here and I'm

just gonna paste this ID that I copied

into one of these fields if you want on

the right side of the left side you can

choose but you just paste that there it

should be FA - whatever and we'll click

OK and you'll notice there's a little

picture right there and so when we click


you'll see that we now have a link with

a Facebook icon right there and that's

how you add icons to the button links