User Security Agreements


A user security agreement must be completed, authorized, and submitted to our Service Desk before a new user account can be created on

Haven't filled out a security agreement yet? Click on the link below to download it now.

  Download the User Security Agreement Now


Important Facts

 No signed user agreement? Your account can be blocked or removed.

 Only one user per account. Shared accounts may also have their permissions revoked.

 One agreement for one user. Every user account on the CMS platform must have their own authorized user account.

Please submit your signed agreement as a PDF (Word documents are not accepted).

How Do I Fill Out the Security Agreement?

 Check out our tutorial on how to fill out the security agreement or contact us.

How Do I Submit a User Security Agreement?

Submit the signed agreement in one of the following ways:

 Working on an active project? Send it to your CI Project Manager that you are working with.

 Attach the agreement as a PDF to an email and send it to

 Upload a PDF of the signed agreement and submit it through the webform below.

Security Agreement Submission Form

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