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welcome in this user video we are going

to talk about how to

set anchor links on separate pages or in

rows and cards

now this might come in handy if you ever

need to set an anchor link so that when

someone clicks on a link on one page it

brings them to a specific location of

a different page you can also use this


use anchor links on rows and cards so

the first thing we've got here is i've

got a page i'm going to link to

i'm going to put my anchor down here so

i'm going to go ahead and click edit

and this is going to be the destination


i'll drill down to my rows and cards

and i'm going to place my anchor

just as i usually would either to the

left or above the text

or whatever you're linking to and we're

gonna give this a name we'll call it

test anchor one

notice i put dashes instead of spaces

that'll be important later

okay now we need to create a second page

where i'm going to create my anchor link

i do want to keep this page tab open

because i'm going to

need this page url url here

so what i'll do is i'm going to open

this in a new tab

and how i did that was i just right

clicked when i

selected basic page i right clicked and

got those options there

okay so we'll give this a page name

give some anchor text

and we'll highlight the text as we

normally do this is where things get a

little weird so

normally if you're going to set an

anchor link you'd click on this little

link button right here

click the url type and click link to

anchor in the text

however if you try to do that if you're

using rows and cards or if you're using

like a different page

it's not going to show up like that so

what we're going to have to do is


input the link to the anchor so i'm

going to do again is highlight the text

that i want to create the link

i'll go ahead and click on this guy

right here

and i want to search for that page name

if this was the page of nonsense i'm

going to search

page of nonsense it comes up

and what i'm going to do is at the end

of this i'm going to add a hashtag

and then i'm going to type in exactly

what i typed for the anchor name so i

believe it was test

anchor one now the reason why i added

dashes there is because for one it's

gonna make our url look a little cleaner

and two i do believe um at least at the

time of this recording

that if you create an anchor link with

the name

that has spaces in it then that url

would also have to have spaces in it and

that looks kind of funky

so adding spaces just kind of makes

things a little cleaner a little nicer

so i'm going to go ahead and save this


you'll see it's highlighted blue and

we'll just save a draft for now

then i'll test this out so if i click on


you'll see it takes me that page has

that hashtag test anchor 1

and it brought me right to the bottom of

the page right

so if i were to remove this from the url

it shouldn't

bring bring me to the top of the page

there it is

so that's how you create anchor links to

separate pages or

within rows and cards

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