Anchor Links - Using the WYSIWYG Video Transcript

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welcome in this video we're going to

review how to use anchor links anchor

links are a feature that you'll find in

the WYSIWYG and they'll allow you to

essentially link to a specific part of a

page let's go ahead and create a basic

page real quick and we'll demonstrate

how those work

give my page a title here real quick

now let's say I want someone to be able

to click on a link at the top of my page

and be brought to the bottom of my page

to view maybe like an image well first

what I'll do is I'll write the content

of whatever I want someone to get down

to so let's go ahead and add an image

down here

and choose an image real quick from my

media library let's say the same sand

dunes one is good I'll select it

click the thumbnail

all right so there's my image next what

I want to do is put my cursor either

directly to the left or directly above

the image or the text or video or

whatever it is you want to bring someone

down to and we're gonna plant our anchor

so there's a button right up here in the

WYSIWYG for anchor if you hover your

cursor over this flag icon you'll see

anchor up here do note that this is

different from this flag icon which is

going to be for font awesome icons so

we'll click the anchor button and we're

going to name our anchor

okay something short but descriptive

works we'll go ahead and click OK and

then a little red flag will appear this

is where the users going to get dragged

down to when they click on our link now

the next step is forced to actually

create that link so we're going to

scroll up here to the top and we're

going to add our anchor text so first

make sure you write something short but


all right and then what you'll do is you

will highlight the part of the text that

you want to turn into the link and we'll

click this link icon right here not the

only get one but this one right here to

the left and under link type in the drop

down we're going to select link to

anchor in the text and we're going to

choose the anchor by name and you'll see

there it is right there so I'll just

click OK you'll see that now this text

is linked let's go ahead and save this


you'll see now that when I click on my

link it'll take me right down to the

picture and that's how you use anchor