Creating and Sorting Contacts Video Transcript

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all right welcome in this video we're

going to review how to create contact

cards now you might have noticed that

when we gave you your new site up in the

main navigation bar there's a link for

contacts when you click on that it's

going to take you to an automated view

that shows you all the contact cards

have been created on your site again

this is a view this is not a page so

you're not going to be able to edit this

the same way you'd add a page but as

you'll see as I scroll down I've got a

bunch of different contact cards on here

if I click on one it opens up the full

bio for that person and so what we're

gonna do is just walk through how to you

know quickly create one of these contact

cards and then we'll talk also about how

to rearrange the contact view so first

I'm going to go to content add content


and I'll just kind of fill in the fields

that I want to fill in the only ones

that are required are going to be these

first two if you want to add a photo you

can do that here

I'll select one for my computer note

that there are some restrictions for

what type of photo you can use file size

file type things that

make sure your alternative text is

descriptive and you can fill everything

as needed do you note that if you click

on this map location down here that you

can actually put in an address and it's

going to go ahead and generate a map for

you so I'm just typing something here

all right this section is where you

would generally put the the full bio of

the person

or the description of what they do or

whatever you really need to put their

agency logo if you've got one agency

title if you want to put that there

okay and if we screw up to the very top

here you'll also notice there's a

display tab all this does is allow us to

either hide the main navigation bar or

hide the breadcrumbs when someone's

viewing the full-sized contact card most

of the time you can just leave these

alone but those are there if you'd like

them otherwise you're all good to go if

you want to you just kind of save it

either as a draft or as a published

contact card I'm a published mine and

here's what it looks like the final

version so we've got the photo the bio

the department name name and title

Department again and a map here and

we'll know also if you go to contacts

well know that it's actually been added

right here in alphabetical order is how

the system sort of defaults to

displaying these things but really it's

just as easy as clicking on the contact

card and viewing the contact information

now we can reorganize the way this view

displays these cards instead of having

it be you know alphabetical order I can

change it so if I have the right

permissions I can hover over content and

go to contact order and then from here I

just drag and drop the contact cards and

whatever order I deem necessary and then

I'll scroll down click Save order and

then what we will see is that if we

navigate back to the contacts view that

the card will be reordered in into the

position that I placed it