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welcome in this video we're going to

review how to create a basic page and

then add that basic page to the main

navigation here at the top the first

thing we're gonna do is create that page

so to do that we're going to go up to

content add content basic page

and the first thing we'll do is add a

title for our page oh let's go ahead and

do that real quick

all right now there's a couple different

ways that you can add content to your

page one of the ways is to add content

here in the body field

and basically you can add based you know

pretty much anything you need thinking

from images to linking text to link to

the files adding video embeds things

like that also if you want to get a

little more fancy you can utilize the

rosin cards feature that is a little

more in-depth and so we have separate

video tutorial on how to use rosin cards

but just know that's there if we scroll

down a bit here you'll notice there's an

attachment section so one way that you

can share files in in our new platform

is that you can upload the files here

through this this file upload fields and

it'll attach the file to you at the

bottom of your pages but we're also

utilizing a media browser again we have

more video tutorials on how to use that

and that really will be more of a useful

way for most people to to link to their

documents or or to share their documents

and files and images and things like

that so just to kind of move on we also

have a display tab here this is where we

can enable a left or right side

navigation by referencing either the

main navigation that automatically gets

created with your site and that you'll

continue to add to or if you choose to

customize your menus then you can choose

one of those customer use as well you

can choose to enable related content if

there are shared tags then those pieces

of content will display when you're

looking at this page across the bottom

or across the side of the page depending

on what you choose and then if we scroll

down a bit farther down here you can

actually choose to just completely hide

the navigation bar if you want and you

can also completely hide the the

breadcrumbs again just by checking these

boxes right here relationships has to do

with that tagging system where you can

really different pieces of content and

so you can add the tags in this field

here and search enhancements where you

can customize how the page is going to

reveal itself in search results you can

customize the summary of the page if you

don't then it's the summary is basically

just going to be the first couple lines

of your page that whatever you've got

there and then you can choose to add

like a display image and you can choose

to promote this

it appears at the top of a certain

search results you can also archive the

page a lot of there's there's a lot of

extra features here with these basic

pages we're not going to go through all

of these here but we do have extra

guides and tutorials on those who please

check those out what I'm going to do now

is I'm going to preview my page to see

what it looks like so if you scroll down

here to the bottom you can see that I

can save this either as a draft or as a

published page if I save it as a draft

that means the page is unpublished so

it's not going to be live general public

won't be able to view this page if I

publish it then anybody with the URL

will be able to see it so let's go ahead

and even draft for now because I just

want to preview what it looks like

you'll see in my preview here here's my

title there's what I put in the body

section you could might be able to tell

your screen that there's a slightly pink

background that's just a visual

indicator that this page isn't published

yet perhaps I think it looks good so

I'll go ahead and click this back to

content editing button and then scroll

down and click Save now another new

feature we have is that you can

essentially moderate what content needs

to go live and not go live so for

example maybe my user might not have the

the ability to publish a page another

user needs to approve that page before

it gets published well that's what this

moderation feature is right here and so

basically if i if i'm moderator i want

to approve this page i can add a little

log message like this is great

and that's actually not even a necessary

field you don't have to feel that if you

don't want to all I need to do is click

apply and it's gonna publish my page for

me there is a notification feature just

to let me know okay that's published and

that's it that's that's all there is to

creating basic page now let's say I want

to add this page to the navigation up

here at the top

pretty easy we'll go back into the Edit

screen by clicking the edit tab and over

here on the right side you'll notice

there's a bunch of different settings

for my page here again we've got other

tutorials and how to utilize all those

but if I want to add this link to the

sea via navigation bar I'm gonna click

on menu settings provide a menu link and

then the main the main two fields you

want to look at are these two here so

menu link title that's going to be what

displays in the navigation bar by

default the system is gonna take

whatever you put in the title field here

and stick it right here you can change

it if you'd like and the description

this is just going to be like a little

floating box that appears when the user

hovers their cursor over the menu link

it's not a required field but if you

want to have a description that pops up

you can add one so here I might you know

type something like take a look let's

see what that looks like so I'll go

ahead and save this

all right got my confirmation that my

page has saved

there's my menu link you'll notice if I

hover my cursor over at that little

description appears and if I click on it

it'll take me right back to my page