Creating a Custom URL Redirects

Users can create custom URLs redirects for pages within their site as well as from pages on their site to external sites. All URL redirects must be unique; if an attempt is made to create a custom URL redirect that is already in use, an error message will be received. Additionally, if a redirect is being created where an URL Alias should be, a message will also appear.

  1. Navigate to the URL redirects section by following the path Configuration > Search and Metadata > URL Redirects.
  2. Click Add Redirect
  3. Add the path of a page from your site in the first field (the url redirected from).
  4. Add either a relative path link to your site or an external site that will be redirected to in the second field (the url redirected to).
  5. Set the Language to English.
  6. Select Save at the bottom of the page.

screenshot showing the path to add an url redirect

Screenshot showing the url redirect page