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welcome in this video tutorial we're

going to review how to create

jumbo slides jumbo slides are these big

images that appear in the jumbotron of

your landing pages such as your home


and you can have a single static image

you can have multiple images like we

have here to create a slideshow

you can have these descriptions that

appear at the bottom

of the image you can have no description

at all and just have

a slideshow of images all those things

are possible

now before you get to the point of

creating a jumbo slide you'll need to do

two things one of those things is to

upload an

image to your media library uh if

if you're not sure how to do that we

have a separate video on how to

upload images to your media library and

then also too you need to make sure

that you've cropped the hero cropping


for that image because the hero cropping

is what's going to designate what part

of the image displays

in the jumbotron when you enable that

jumbo slide there so

uh we do have videos and tutorials and

all that stuff so make sure to check

that out

here we're going to create a jumbo slide

and then add it to our homepage

so to create a new jumbo slide you'll go

up to content add content

yellow slides then you'll give your

jumbo slider name

uh next if you want to add that

description to

your images or if you need to add some

extra information you can put it here

next you'll need to select your image so

you'll go down here to this drop down

select jumbotron image and then you're

going to search

for the image that you've uploaded

already to your media library

i'm going to scroll down and grab one


and then make sure you scroll all the

way to the bottom because there's


select image button here so click that

that that one is easy to miss and if you

miss selecting that then when you save

your jumbotron

or jumbo slide image and then you add it

to your jumbotron it's going to be a

blank space

so make sure you select that button


here you can add a link if you'd like to

that's going to add a little descriptive

link that just says

read more if you need you know maybe

something a little more customized you

can skip adding the link here and you

can create a custom link up here in the

body field

so anyway just make sure that if you use

this jumbotron link field

make sure to use the entire url

including https

you can add this jumbo slide to your

layouts if you want to if you're going

to use this uh

you know some sort of template and if

you wanted to have just

a an image without any title or

body text or anything like that you can

check this box for hide title

and then of course you'd have nothing

put here and then that'll just give you

a a regular image

in this case i want mine to show so i'm

going to uncheck that

and then finally order this is what

designates you know where

in a slideshow an image will appear if

you have multiple images

enabled for your jumbo slides so in this

case i'm adding my third

image so i want this to appear third

i'm gonna change this to three then

finally i'll check the box for published

don't forget to check that box and click


okay so we've created the jumbo slide

now i need to enable it on whatever

landing pages i'm going to use it on in

this case my home page is the one i want

to enable it on

so i'm going to go to my home page and

click the edit tab

then go to your jumbotron settings make

sure the selection

under options is for refer sliders if

it's not make sure you select that radio


then you'll have to select or check off

you know whatever

sliders that you want to add to your

home page

in this case i've already got two jumbo

slides enabled i'm going to enable the

last one

here which is the one i just made

and then i'll click save

and so you'll see we actually have three

images here now in the jumbotron

there's my second one and my third one

is right here so this is the one i just


there's the title there's what i put

into the body field

and then this is that little jumbotron

link if you click on read more it takes

you to the url you copied and pasted

into that field

so there it is that's how you create

jumbo slides