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welcome in this video we're going to

walk through how to create a landing

page and then add it to the navigation

bar here at the top

now with landing pages they're gonna be

a little bit different than basic pages

landing pages are going to display the

jumbotron at the top if you choose to

enable it you can choose where the

navigation bar sits on that landing page

if you choose to enable that as well and

then as far as adding content to a

landing page you only have the option of

using rows and cards there's not a body

feel to add content to so this is the

main differences let's go ahead and jump

into actually creating a landing page so

the first thing you're gonna do is go up

to content add content and then we're

gonna click on landing page and first

we're gonna give our landing page a




after that we'll add our content so I'm

gonna go ahead and add a row and a

couple cards we do have some other

videos on how to use the rows and cards

feature so please check that out I'm

just going to do something real quick

here so let's see this row

and while had a base of card got some

lorem ipsum in this window that i'll go

ahead and just copy this dummy text real


at a card title

and let's do one more card

add some more lorem ipsum

okay so I've got my content let's say

I'm I'm good with that for now

the next thing I'm going to do is choose

my options for my Jumbotron now by

default your site Jumbotrons going to be

enabled that's going to be the Jumbotron

that's automatically created when your

site is provisioned for you now you do

depending on your access have the

ability to go and edit that site

Jumbotron this is what mine looks like

right now it's just one static image now

you do have other options so you can

choose to have no Jumbotron you can have

the refer slider selected so that's

going to refer back to jumbo slides that

you create Jumbotron now allows you to

make a Jumbotron on-the-fly and then

alternate Jumbotron is basically other

alternative custom Jumbotrons that I've

created that I can choose from but by

default we're just gonna leave it at

site Jumbotron and display we'll have a

couple different options here we do also

get to choose options for a footer

butter's going to appear at the bottom

here and it's just like with the

Jumbotron you'll have a default site

footer that'll automatically be enabled

you can choose to have no footer at all

or if you've created other custom

footers you can select those we'll go

ahead and leave that at site footer and

next down we have navigation bar

settings so here you can choose to have

the navigation bar which is going to be

let's see if we probably this guy right


so we can either have it appear above

the Jumbotron or below so let's say on

this particular landing page I want to

display above the Jumbotron I would

check that otherwise by default it's

going to appear below so I'll leave that

unchecked for now we can hide the

navigation bar altogether if we want to

and we can hide breadcrumbs as well I'm

scrolling up a bit we also have search

enhancements just like we do on basic

pages you can edit the summary for a

landing page if it shows up in the

search results and you would do that

here in this field you can choose an

image to display next to the search

results and you can also promote the

landing page by having it appear at the

very top of the search results and you

can archive it as well by checking

either of these boxes here

now what we'll do is we'll go ahead and

take a preview of this landing page and

the best way to do that is just to leave

this as a draft and click Save

and you'll see here that I've got my

Jumbotron menu displays below like I

wanted it to we've got a little

confirmation message here saying I've

created this now you'll also notice that

the background is a little bit pink and

that's just a visual indicator to let me

know that hey this landing page isn't

published yet we also have the

moderation feature that's available so

if you want somebody to give approval to

this landing page they can review it

they can add a log message and then they

can click apply and that's going to

publish this page you'll see that now my

landing page is published there's no

more pink background here's those that

single-row and two basic cards that I

added to my landing page thirteen if T

now one last thing before we finish up

here let's say I want to add this

landing page to my navigation bar pretty

easy to do I would just click on edit

then go over here to menu settings and

check this box to provide a menu link

here if you wants it you can customize

the menu link for the landing page

owning this my awesome landing page and

you can add a description if you want if

you want to like a description the hover

over the menu link when someone puts

their cursor over the menu link in the

navigation bar we'll go ahead and click


you can see when I scroll up and scroll

down there's my awesome landing page

menu link which links to my landing page

that I just created