Creating New Users Video Transcript

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welcome in this video we're going to go

over how to add your users to a site now

the first thing you're going to want to

do before anything is make sure you get

a security agreement sign for the new

user and sent in to our support desk

once that step is finished you can have

the new user do the following first

they're going to want to go to the login

page for your site and that's just going

to be whatever the URL is for your site

with forward slash user at the end

all right and you'll see here that it

brings us to the single sign-on page now

typically this is where you would just

type in your login credentials if you

already have a user account in these

fields here but what we're gonna do is

we're gonna click on sign up because

we're new user and we're gonna type in

our email and our password that we want

to use for our user account


and then click sign up when you're done

now it looks like I'm in the sign but

I'm actually not yet I don't have any

ability to edit anything so there's a

second step in this process which is to

have your website lead assign roles to

your new user account so I'm going to go

ahead and open up my other account here

and this is going to be we're gonna have

to do you're gonna have to click on


and then you're going to find a new user

that's requesting access to the site

they'll click Edit under this operations


from here we get to do a couple things

so first if you want to change username

you can it's just gonna automatically

grab what's ever in the front of the

email address right here and place that

as username we can change this to user

if we want or whoever it is going to be

you can ignore these password fields

here the new users are already created

their password for their account at the

single sign in our single sign-on login

page make sure that the status is

checked to active and then the main

thing you're gonna want to do is right

here you're going to want to check the

box next to the roles that you want to

assign the new user so maybe I only want

this user to edit content I'll go ahead

and click content editor we do have user

guides that go more in-depth into what

each of these user roles can I do so

please check those out if you're not

sure what I'm gonna do now scroll down

to the bottom here and of course you can

you know kind of set up whatever you

want at the bottom let's go ahead and

add a name like so and when I'm all done

I'm gonna go ahead and click Save

and now you'll see that the new user has

a role assigned to them if you assign

multiple roles you'll see all the roles

here and if I go to the other user

account that was just created and reload

the page

you'll see that now I actually have

these editing tabs at the top here so I

can choose different menu options to

actually add content and create content

on the site