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welcome in this video we're going to

review how to use tab cards now tab

cards are nifty because they allow you

to essentially display multiple pieces

of content within one card area of a row

so let's go ahead and walk through how

to do that first I'm going to edit my

page here and then I'm going to go to my

rows and cards anywhere that you can use

rosen cards you can pretty much use tabs

now I want my tab to let's say up here

at the top of my page when I edit the

first row and I want it to appear next

to my map card so I'm going to click

this drop-down arrow down here to add my

new card to this this row here and I'm

going to choose tabs now if we scroll

down a little bit here you'll see that

we have a new tab section the first

thing you'll need to do is give your tab

a title


and then to add content to that tab you

will click the body tab here and you'll

have to choose between three different

cards so it's either going to be a basic

card a block card or a view card so

let's go ahead and experiment here let's

add a basic card you'll notice it looks

just like a regular basic card if you're

not using tabs and we get all the other

controls that we normally get so we can

add a card title we can add color border

things like that here I'm just going to

go ahead and add some content

and then let's say we want another tab

how about let's add another tab section

here and this time we're going to name

it something else

and in the body section let's choose a

different card how about a view card

let's say we want these articles to

appear here so I'll select news articles

and we'll add one more tab section and

this time let's go ahead and reference

our one of our custom blocks we already

have created so I'll select the block


and select the block from my custom

block library

all right and if we preview this

you can see that now my tabs are

appearing next time I'm up here in this

top row here's the first tab that's the

basic card the second tab is this view

that displays news articles and the

third tab is that matte block that I

already have created here so it looks

like everything looks good

basically all I need to do next is go

back and save

and that's it