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now you might also need to add the

image to maybe just you know like the

body field of a basic card or maybe the

body field of just the regular page if

you're not using rows and cards and so

that's pretty easy to basically anywhere

that you have access to this WYSIWYG

editor this guy right here you'll see

there's a little a button for media

browser and so if I click on that

that'll actually show me again that my

existing media library options or an

addition I can also do the exact same

thing where I upload an image now one

thing to keep in mind is if you're gonna

be uploading images using this method

there'll be one key step at the end here

so I'm gonna go ahead and quickly fill

this out add my alt text and I don't

need a crop anything so I'll just click

select and I'll choose select one more

time and at this point if you're gonna

be adding in the body field what you'll

do is you'll just simply select

thumbnail you can choose whatever size

these are these size options that you

have and you can choose to align it to

the left or right if you need to add

some text around it and then when you

click embed it'll get added to the body

field and so if we save this page

and scroll down you'll see there's our

images right there

and if I go back to the media library

you'll see those images have been added

so there you go that is in a nutshell

how you would add these images to the

media library on the fly