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The Jumbotron


When editing a landing page there is a tab for Jumbotron. The User can select a Jumbotron template and then populate the Jumbotron using a Banner Title, Banner Body, Link, and Images. The Jumbotron image is ideally 1920 pixels by 450 pixels.

Jumbotrons can be edited from this tab by following the steps to edit a page and then navigating to the Jumbotron tab. There are a few different kinds of Jumbotrons that can be added to a landing page. These are No Jumbotron, Refer Slides, Jumbotron Now, Show Site Jumbotron, and Show Alternate Jumbotron.


Each type of Jumbotron functions the same. The differences are which slides are used. The No Jumbotron option uses no slides and removes the jumbotron section. The Refer Slides option lets the User select from the list of previously created Jumbo Slides to use. The Jumbotron Now option allows the User to create slides in the moment. The Show Site Jumbotron is a specific Jumbotron that can be easily added across site landing pages. The Show Alternate Jumbotron is a secondary Site Jumbotron.

Creating Jumbo Slides

Each Jumbotron can be made up of many Jumbo Slides. Jumbo Slides can be created by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Content > Add Content > Jumbo Slides.
  2. Add a title.
  3. Add a body section if desired. (optional)
  4. Upload a Jumbotron Image and add Alt text.
  5. Click the Published checkbox.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Jumbo Slides are then added to the page by editing the page, navigating to the jumbotron tab, clicking refer slides and then checking the boxes of the slides. Note that the slides will not show up in this view if you did not check the published box when creating the jumbo slide. You can check this box by navigating to the content view, finding the jumbo slide, editing it, and clicking the published button.