Link Targets and Phone Links Video Transcript

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welcome in this video we're going to

show you

how you can do a couple fun things with


i'll first show you how you can create a

link that will open in a new tab

and i'll also show you how to create a

link for phone numbers

which makes a little bit easier for

mobile users to interact

with contact information on your site so

what i'll first do is i'm going to

create just a basic page for something

first to play with

what i'm going to show you today will

require you to have access to the

wysiwyg editor here

because we're going to be using this

button right here

so as with any normal link you first lay

down your text so just make sure it's


of you know where it's going to be

pointing to let's say i want to you know

point someone to this lorem ipsum page


what i'll do is i'll add my text

and then i will highlight the part of

the text that i want to make the link

and i'll click this link icon notice

there's another one with the plus symbol

that one's going to be for if you're

linking to pages on your website

in this case i'm going to click on this

guy here and

i'm going to copy and paste the full url

from the external site

paste it here and then i'm going to go

up to this target tab

and i'm going to click on this drop down

and select

new window underscore blank and click ok

and that little target tab is what

allows us to open this

in a new tab now what i can also do

like i mentioned earlier is you can also

create links for phone numbers

so this is pretty simple to do all you

do is you would type out the phone


and highlight it then click on the same

link button and i'm going to go down

here to protocol and i'm going to change

this to other

and then you're going to type in t e l


then you can add the country code so

this for the usa would be

plus one and then you'll type in the

full phone number

without the dashes i would ignore any

extensions or anything like that

go ahead and click ok and now let's test

this out i'm going to publish my page


oh i need to give it a name first

and this should open in a new tab

and this should prompt my computer to

open up a phone application

which it does tries to pop open facetime


uh yeah that's in a nutshell how you

create links to open in new tabs

and how you create links or phone