Logging In with Google

The system allows you to use two different methods to log into your Colorado.gov website user account. If you signed up using your Google account when you first created your user account, you can use the Sign in with Google feature. If you did not register your account this way, read about how to sign in with your regular email account here.

Here are instructions for logging into your Colorado.gov user account using your Google Account.

Step 1: Go to the Login Page

Navigate to your login page by adding '/user' to the end of your website's URL.

(e.g., example.colorado.gov/user)

Step 2: Click Sign in with Google

Click the Sign in with Google button.

Screenshot of the Log in with Google button on the log in page

Step 3: Enter Your Google Account Email Address

The page will load to a Google sign-on page. Enter the email address associated with your Google Account.

Google Sign In Auth0 Email screenshot

Step 4: Enter Your Google Account Password

Enter the account password associated with your Google email address. If you have two-factor authentication enabled on your Google account, you will need to verify your login.

Sign in with Google Password Screenshot

The page will load into your Colorado.gov user account page. You have successfully logged in.

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