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welcome in this video we're going to

walk through how to upload videos to a

media library now you can access your

your media library by clicking on

content and then going over to the media

tab here and any videos images or

documents that you've uploaded to your

media library are going to appear here

and likewise anything they uploaded here

you can essentially reference throughout

your entire site so that's really handy

really nice to be able to have just kind

of one location for all of your images

documents and videos let's say that we

want to add a new video to our media

library well there is a couple ways we

can do that the first way is if you

hover over content add media you can

choose this guy right here for video

uploads this is going to allow us to

upload a video file into the media

library now you will notice that there

are some restrictions for what types of

videos you can upload it has to be one

of these file types here and the video

has to be 256 megabytes or less we can

choose the file by clicking on this

button here selecting the video file

from your computer

give it a second to load because usually

the video files are gonna be a little

bit larger and once it's done you can

give it a name and you also notice that

you have the ability to add a

description for this if you'd like to

otherwise everything else is kind of

self-explanatory we'll just kind of skip

down to the Save button here and click


now after you've uploaded the video

you'll notice that it will appear here

in your media library amongst all of

your other pieces of media that you've

uploaded here but you actually have a

separate tab up here next to media for

just videos and so anytime you do you

upload new videos you'll also be able to

isolate them here within this view now

let's say that you've you're already in

the middle of creating let's say a page

well you know and you realize oh I

didn't you know upload that video into

my media library well that's alright

because as you're editing the page or

any other piece of content essentially

that allows you to access this WYSIWYG

here you can click this media button and

you'll see that you're actually given an

option up here at the top to upload a

video and so I can select the file for

my computer yet again below the same one

once the video is uploaded you can

scroll down you can say I want to use

the selected video and then you can

embed it if you'd like and that's it so

that's how you upload videos to your

media library