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welcome in this video we're going to

talk about featured images

now uh right here on this page i've got

an example of a featured image this is a

basic page

with a featured image enabled at the top

here now featured images don't just

appear at the top of your pages like

this they will also appear in a few

other places

so for example in search results if i

were to search for this page name here

you will notice that that same image

appears as a thumbnail next to my search


if you add the featured image to a news

article or an event

and you have those events displaying in

either like an article chain

like here or an event chain you'll

notice that the thumbnail

is the featured image that you add to

that page now

the thing about featured images is that

they will also

show up in social media posts so if i

were to copy this link

go to my facebook page and you know post

this link on my facebook

the thumbnail that appears next to that

facebook post would be the same featured

image now you don't have to have the

featured images appear on the page like


this is a stylistic choice that is yours

to make

but in any case regardless of whether

you add a featured image

and have it appear on the on the top of

your page or your article or your events

you can still hide that and have it

display everywhere else

so let's go ahead and walk through how

we add a featured image to

like a page or an article or event or

whatever you need to do the first thing

to do

is to add the image to media library so

we're going to go up to

content media add media and we're going

to choose an image here

i'll choose from my computer real quick

we'll add a title

alt text

and the the main thing you want is that

when you're uploading your media

image what you're going to do is go to

the featured crop and you're going to

click inside and drag and make the

selection of the image you want to


for the featured image now the featured

image is pretty large

the dimensions of that is going to be

close to a jumbotron so it's going to be

1200 by 400 pixels so just make sure you

have a

nice large image you can use i'll go

ahead and move that around

then when i'm done i'll click save

all right so now that we have our image

uploaded now let's add it

to something let's go ahead and create

an article so we'll go and create an

article here

let's say we'll create a news article

and we'll add a title some text

and then where you're going to add the

images right here under display

you're going to choose add media under

the featured image section

and then you'll choose the image you

want to appear so we'll check the box

here for that one i just uploaded

click insert selected and that's really


now you'll see right below that by

default is a box

checked for a hide featured image so

what that means is

if i go ahead and publish this article

that featured image was added to this

article but it's not displaying on the

actual article here

like on the first example page i showed

you so you'll see if we go back to that

landing page with the news feed

you'll see that that thumbnail appearing

there is the featured image i uploaded

but if i go back to my article it's not

there if i do want it to appear on the

article all i have to do is edit that

and go back to my display settings and

then uncheck the box for hide featured


and there it is

so there you have it featured images are

really helpful for

you know adding a little extra pizzazz

to your search results into your

uh article feeds and social media posts

and it can add a little extra stylistic

element similar to

what a jumbotron would look like um you

know to your basic pages your articles

and whatnot

so i hope this was helpful thanks for

checking us out we'll see you around