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welcome in this video we're going to

walk through how to use the media card

now the media card allows you to

essentially grab a piece of media from

your media library and display and a

card for an example to have images

appear within these rows on the home

page of our demo sites we've used media

cards to display images that we've

uploaded into our media library so let's

go ahead and walk through the process of

how to do that first we'll go ahead and

create a piece of content let's go ahead

and say for example a landing page

all right so the first thing we'll do is

add a row here so I'll go ahead and

let's go ahead and try to uneven columns

row and let's edit 2/3 and 1/3 just for

fun now let's say that I want my image

to be on the left side so what I'll do

is I'll click this little drop down

arrow and I'll select add card emedia

you'll want to click this little link

right here for media card item it's

gonna pull up whatever is in your media

library currently you can also upload

something into your media library if

it's not already there

but in this case I'm going to want to

choose an image let's say this dragon

image I'll select it you'll see that the

page loaded a little bit I'll scroll

down a little bit farther so I can get

to this use selected button

and then once I've clicked on that

basically I'm done I've uploaded my

image now you have some more options

here you can add a link to this image if

you want to and that's as easy as either

copying pasting the URL from the address

bar for a page if it's an external page

or if it's a page on your site you can

actually search for it by doing that so

I'll go ahead and add another card here

let's say it's just a basic card base


this is a dragon and let's preview our

page here oh I need to add title


okay so as you can see the media card is

allowing me to display this image within

this row here so I think this looks

pretty good I'll go ahead and go back to

content editing and save this landing

page and that's all there is to it

that's how you use the media card