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welcome in this video we're going to

discuss how to utilize rosin cards to

add content to our site rosin cards are

really nifty you'll use rosin cards to

create content for your home pages you

can see on this home page here I've got

a couple of different cards an equal

column Row one of these is like a basic

card the other ones an image card over

here on the side you've got some

different icons here that we've used and

embed cards things like that there's a

lot of cool things you can do with rosin

cards we're not going to go into every

single feature that rosin cards has but

what we will do is go into how to create

a row how to add cards to that row and

hopefully give you a good baseline so

that you can experiment and take a look

at all the cool things that you can do

so first I'm going to do is I'm just

going to create a basic page you can

really do this with basic pages landing

pages whatever you need but I'm going to

go ahead and create a basic page here

and we'll give it a title

and then what i'ma do to create a road

card is I'm going to click on this tab

here for Rosen cards and the first thing

you're gonna do is select a row so if

you click this arrow here you'll see the

different selections of various rows

that we have and you can have them show

up in different ways in this case what

I'm going to do is I think I'm gonna do

a two uneven column row so I'll click on

that guy there and you'll see we have

some new options most of these are going

to be you know up to you whether you

actually want to utilize them or change

what we're doing thing like that

for example row titles it's not a

required field but you can add it if you

need to first thing I'm gonna do is I'm

going to set the row column so you can

see here I can set the uneven columns to

be different sizes I think I like the

idea of having a column that's going to

be maybe 2/3 big on one side and

one-third big on the other side so we'll

go ahead and select that

I can choose a row color if I want to so

maybe I might choose something like I

know something pretty subtle let's go

for mmm where is it the grace and that

one's pretty good one

you have row widths that you can sit

I'll just keep mine to the default for

now and that's it so I've got my

settings for my bro now I'm gonna have

to place the cards into the row and the

cards are going to be placed in order

from left to right as I create them and

I want to remember that I set the column

style to be 2/3 on one side 1/3 on the

other so in this case I'm imagining

maybe having like 2/3 of the page width

will be filled with text content and

then the other third might be an image

so to do the text I'll add a basic card

and I'll just kind of click this here

that'll be the default selection I'll

have and again you can have a card title

if you like it's not required but let's

just go ahead and add one

and so I created my car title you can

add color to it if you need to again to

the title or the background and just as

well you can add a border around your

cards so let's say maybe I might want to

like a shadow let's see what a shadow

might look like that could be pretty

cool and then the card body this is

where I'm gonna add the actual content

so I've got some lorem ipsum here I'm

just gonna grab that real quick copy and

paste it all right let's say it looks

good now we're gonna add our second card

this is going to be the smaller card

that appears to the right and if we

click this drop down here we have

options for all these different cards

again we won't go through all of them

but all these do very different things

they're all pretty unique what I want is

I want to embed an image next to this

text so I'm going to select the image

card and right up front it's just going

to give us an upload field so I'm going

to go ahead and click Choose file noting

that there are some restrictions on

which types of files I can use and how

large they can be hopefully you're not

uploading a 256 megabyte file but let's

go ahead and choose a file real quick

and I'll just kind of navigate to my


and I'm going to grab a picture of some

kimchi so let's grab that guy there

next it's going to ask me to add some

alternative text

so I'll add that if you want to add a

link you can add that here you can

either refer to other pages if you need

to by typing in something in the field

there and it'll pull it up or you can

refer to you maybe like an external page

I just kind of grabbing the URL from

that page

popping it and pasting it

okay so I think that's probably gonna be

good let's go ahead and preview this I'm

gonna leave this as a draft go ahead and


here's my card title this is the content

that I put in the body field you can see

that this has a little bit of a shadow

border around this card which looks

pretty cool and then on the other side

here is the image that I uploaded the

image card and you can see that the

little hand icon appears when I'm

hovering over it which means that

there's a link there so that's that's

pretty nifty we'll go ahead and go back

to content editing

and let's go ahead and publish this page

all right and there it is that's that's

all there is to rosin cards you can

continue to add new rows new cards

basically as much as you want to add and

yeah go ahead and jump in and experiment

and see what you can come up with

there's a lot of flexibility a lot of

different features here that we have

with rosin cards hopefully this video

helped simplify things for you a little

bit if you have any questions you can

reach out to us through our service desk

at partner support at wwl or gov or you

can also check out our other video

tutorials that we have online on our