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welcome in this part of the web porn

video series we're going to talk about

how to add the email element

to your web forms um a lot of folks will

want to be able to add this because it

allows users to a

plug in their email address into a field

that validates the formatting of the

email to make sure it's an actual email

address and not just

some random stuff they put in there and


it'll allow you to do special things

like setting up submission notifications

send out notification emails

to the users who plug in their their

email addresses

into that email field so what we'll do

is we're going to go to our web form in

this case i'm going to modify my golden

ticket request form

and we're going to click on build

and then we're going to add a new


in this case we're looking for the email

element it's going to be

down here right below the advanced

element section

right here you can also search for it

too if you really want to if you just

type email

it'll pop right up and so we're going to

go ahead and go to email

and click add element

and the first thing we'll do is give it

a title usually email suffices

and there's a bunch of options here to

be able to add you know help

descriptions and stuff but usually the

email feel is pretty self-explanatory so

i'm not i don't really feel the need to

add any of that stuff

you can adjust things like the

inline display whether you want the tile

to display in line or above the field or


we're going to go ahead and close that

i'll show you what the defaults look


but i probably do want this to be

required i want to make sure that

whoever's filling this out

has some accountability puts in their

email address allows me to reach out

back to them later

so i'm going to go ahead and check that

i might put a little message here

and then click save

now adding any new fields is going to

put that

element to the very bottom of the list

so i'm going to go ahead and drag this

in the order i want it to appear in this

case right below the name field

i'm going to save elements so i save

that order

and then we can view and so you'll see


email is right there if i try typing in

something that doesn't work

it won't let me go through

you'll see here it gives me an error

message so this is why it's useful to


that email field so anyways that is

in short how you add the email element

to your web forms