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welcome in this series we're going to be

discussing web forms and

today we're going to talk about how to

build a new web form

now to build a new form i'm going to go

up to structure

and web forms

then from here to create a brand new

form i'm going to click on add webform

the first thing you'll do is give your

web form a title

if you like you can add a little

description this is for

merely for your purposes when you're

previewing all your various web forms

this is optional

you can add a category if you'd like

this is more for sorting forms

you can either choose an existing one

that you've already created or if you


other you can create a new category


in this case i'd like to stick with this

one in the training category

and lastly status this is just where you

can choose whether the form is open so

someone can

send in a submission or close meaning

they can't

i'm going to go ahead and leave this at

the default for open

so after you click save it'll bring you

to this build tab here and this is where

all the action for web form is going to

take place

so what you do is you add various

elements to the form

and those elements are correspond to

different types of fields

now if we click this view tab here you

can see that my web form is completely


nothing on it yet so let's go ahead and

add some elements i'm going to go back

to the build tab

and let's go ahead and click on add


now you're going to see from here that

there's tons of different

kinds of elements we're not going to

have the time in the video

to be able to cover every single element

but we will have some other videos where

you can check out

more in-depth instructions on various

settings for you know popular

elements in this case let's just go

ahead and add a couple

the first thing that i'm going to add to

every single one of my web forms is

going to be this captcha

element captcha is really important to

be able to filter out spam submissions

it's kind of like your first line of

defense for your form

now what i can do is i can either come

down here and click add element

or because there's so many different

elements if you already know what the

element name is you can start typing it

and it will appear and you can see that

it gives you the name of the element

here and then also a preview of what

that element looks like

this one is actually going to look a

little different because we're going to

use a different kind of captcha

so i'll go ahead and click add element

and i'm going to leave the key as it is

and come down here to capture settings

and change the challenge type from

default to recaptcha

and this little checkbox here will allow

me to preview the captcha

as a logged in user generally speaking

it would not show up

if you're logged in only if you're

logged out in this case i'm going to

check this just because i want to see

what my form looks like in its entirety

so i'll go ahead and click save and now

i've added my first element

if we go ahead and click on this view

tab here you'll see that all we have is

our captcha but it does appear

and it looks good so let's go ahead and

go back to the build tab

i'm going to add some other elements

here so let's click on add element again

let's choose another popular one that's

going to be this text field here

and in the preview you can see how it

works it just gives you one live text

that someone can add

we'll hit add element and in this case

i'm going to give it a title the title

is going to be basically like the

question for the field


you can add that there if you'd like you

can add things

like descriptions help text stuff like


each one of the elements are going to

have its own set of settings

the important thing though at the bottom

here is there's going to be this form

validation section

and if you want the field to be required

so that someone can't submit the form

without filling out that field

you have to check this box and you'll

also want to add some sort of required

message so that this will pop up

when somebody doesn't fill out that

field so i'll use this one that i've

typed in before this field

is required and then when i'm done i can

click save

so now i've got my second element let's

go ahead and add one more

in this case i also want a text area

text areas are nice because they allow

people to add multiple lines of text so

in this case i want someone to explain

why they like

that zoo animal they chose so i'm going

to go ahead and

give this a title here

and you'll see there's a lot of the same

settings here for the

text area again you can choose whether

you want this to be required or not in

this case i'm going to leave this

optional so i'm going to leave that

unchecked i'll click save

and now we have our fields so let's go

ahead and click view again

and here i can see that it looks pretty

good however the captcha i know i don't

want it to be at the very top i want it

to be at the bottom right before someone

clicks submit

so let's go ahead and move that what

i'll do is i'll click on build

and i'll grab the captcha element and

drag it

to the bottom here and everything else i

think looks good if i change my mind on

that text area and i want to make it

required i can check that box right here

and that will make it required

and when i'm done making these changes i

can click save

and i'll get a little confirmation

message and if i go ahead and view my


it'll show me that this form is now


and it looks like everything is in order


um that is really the gist of it you'll

create the new form

then you'll build out the elements and

when you're all done

you can share that form and so we'll

also have some other videos on how you

can share the web form

uh how you can edit the confirmation

message things like that but

as far as building out the web form

that's all you need to know