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welcome in this video of the webform

series we're going to review how to

download results for a webform first

thing you'll need to do is navigate to

the form itself in this case I'm going

to download the results for the contact

form here and then you'll click on the

results tab

and then finally up here at the top

you'll click on download

from here you're gonna be given a lot of

different options you'll have these

format options here that'll

automatically display for you in most

cases you'll just keep these as the

default so we can skip those and you can

see you can open and close that here

same thing with the element options I'm

not gonna really mess around with those

the header options you could mess around

with if you want to but again I'm gonna

keep this pretty simple so I don't

really need any of these the main thing

that you're gonna be concerned about is

down here so here under the column

options is where you get to choose what

data points are actually going to be

pulled for the sheet you're gonna

download and so you can check in or

uncheck the various column options here

farther down you also have these

download options where you can choose to

do things like limit the number of data

points for date range so basically any

submissions between you know last

weekend today can be set by setting

these different dates here and then you

can also have it soar taught ematic ly

by ascending or descending so it'll save

you a step later down the road when

you're all done setting all these things

here you can click download and it's

going to download a CSV file which you

should be able to open in Excel and so

I'll open up here and you can see that

there's a lot of stuff going on so all

the important stuff the stuff that

people actually fill out the form is all

gonna be down here and then some other

cool stuff too these guys that have all

these little hashtags you can pull these

open and I'll actually show you the date

and time that that submission was

completed or change for created whatever

you need and if you decided to utilize

the notes feature by adding admin notes

to individual submissions those will

also be able to show up in this

downloaded form here now let's say I

want to narrow things down maybe I don't

want so much stuff on this sheet I can

go back to the downloads page here and I

can uncheck things that I don't need so

maybe for my purposes I don't need the

serial number I don't need to know when

this was created or changed I just want

to know when it was completed I'll click

those don't need to know if it's a draft

don't need the current page maybe I

don't really care about the remote IP

address all this

stuff I can go ahead and uncheck all

those things and then redownload

and open up to my file

you'll see it cleaned things up a little

bit so now I can view everything a

little bit easier I'll still need to

pull this guy open again now one thing

to note is that you can save your

settings so that after you've customized

your CSV files to appear the way you

want them to you can come down here and

click save settings and that way each

time you come back to download the

results you don't really need to change

anything else but just note that if you

chose to show a date range you might

need to change that before you

redownload and of course if you need to

you can reset the settings there so

everything goes back to its default

otherwise that's really all there is to

it you just kind of set your settings

for the CSV file you can download

download it and then you're good to go

that's how you download results from

what forms