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welcome in this part of the webform

series we're going to talk about how to

set up conditions for email

notifications now I'm just going to

preface this by saying that we actually

already have a video on setting up email

notifications so if you want to dig more

into that you can check out that video

this one is going to be specifically

focused on setting up conditionals for

emails now one reason why you might want

to set up conditionals for the emails is

that you know maybe you have something

like a contact form like we have here

where you want emails to only go out to

certain individuals in certain

conditions so in in this case I want to

set up this form so that only the

president is notified if someone selects

the president when they're filling out

this form or you know if someone selects

the website team then I want to instead

only send a notification to an

individual on the website team that this

form has been submitted not to the

president you know if you don't set up

these conditionals by default it's just

going to the form is going to go ahead

and send out an email to whoever it is

whenever it's done if you wanted to go

out to certain people at certain times

then you'll need to set up conditions so

to get that set up what we're going to

do is go into settings

and I'm gonna go to emails and handlers

and in this case I don't have any email

set up yet so I'm gonna quickly set up

an email notification again I'm not

going to go through how to set that up

completely I'm not gonna even completely

fill it out here if you want details on

that check out the other video but first

I'll need to get that set up so I'll do

that real quick here so let's make this

the one that will go out to the

president when someone selects the

president option on my contact form all

right and then I want to send to their

email address so I'll put that here all

right and then after you're done filling

out all the settings and stuff for your

email notification what you're gonna do

is click on this conditions tab now the

conditional logic used is sort of like

an if-then logic so what I'm gonna first

do is make sure that this condition is

enabled so I'm going to enable this and

then here you can choose whether if all

of the conditions need to be true that

you set up or if maybe just some of them

now it'll just give you one option here

but you can add additional conditions by

clicking this little plus and minus icon

and clicking this drop down here you'll

select which field which field this this

condition is going to be based on so in

this case that first field on my form is

the one with a drop down and it's where

people select where they want to contact

the President or the website teen or

whatever so I want this email to only

send out based on the conditions of

whatever option users select when they

click on this so I'm going to choose who

you want to contact and then when I

select here I'm going to set up how I

want this conditional play out so do I

want this to happen if you know just

generally if that feel the selector

filled out okay maybe in this case and

in most cases you'll probably want to

choose the value is option this will

mean that only in the condition where

this option is selected then the email

notification will go out so when you

choose value is and you've got something

like this where you have a drop-down

with some selections for people to

choose from then when you click on this

guy actually show you the various

selections that are on that field so in

this case this is for the president so

if someone selects the president in this

field then the email notification will

go out to the president so I'm going to

go ahead and click Save

and you'll see that now my email

notification is set up it shows the

president's email notification shows all

the details of the email notification

and in the status it shows conditional

so that I know that there's a condition

set on this if it's if there's no

condition set then it's not going to say

conditional there so I would continue to

go through each one through each one of

the notifications I want to set up so

you know if I wanted to have three

different people be notified depending

on what option is selected then I would

have to set up three different email


maybe there's a case where one person is

always notified and then the second

person depends on whoever selected so in

that case you know when I set up my

emails I probably set up just a generic

email that doesn't have any conditions

that always get sent out and then three

other emails that have conditions that

will go out to those individuals

depending on what option is selected so

I hope that was helpful for you if you

have any other questions you can feel

feel free to reach out to our partner

support or contact your project manager

you're working with and yeah that's how

you set up conditionals on emails