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welcome in this part of the webform

video series we're going to talk about

how to set up email notifications now

there's two reasons why you might want

to set up email notifications one of

those is if you want to receive a

notification every single time someone

submits a form the second reason you

might want to set up a notification is

if you also want to send out like a

confirmation email to the person who

filled out the form so in this video I'm

going to show you how to do both first

thing you'll need to do is navigate to

your actual webform and to go there

you'll have to go to structure and web

forms and then you'll scroll down to

whatever form you want to add emails to

in this case I'm going to add emails to

this guy right here for schedule ride

all right and then you're gonna click on

the Settings tab next go up to emails

and handlers and as you'll see when you

come here if you don't have any

notifications set up this is what its

gonna look like on the back end there's

literally nothing here so to add our

first email let's go ahead and click on

add email

okay so the first thing you'll need to

do is give the setting a name now it can

be whatever you'd like it's not going to

show up to anybody else you're only

gonna see it on the back end here but

you wanted to be descriptive so you know

what the purpose of this email

notification is so I might put something

like form submission notification next

thing you want to do is is you're gonna

have to set how the two settings are for

your email so who do you want to send it

to in this case we're going to want to

make sure that we change the sight mail

option here by clicking the drop down

and selecting custom - email address and

what you'll put here is the actual email

address that you want to receive the

notification - so in this case I'll put

my own email address okay if you'd like

to you can also do the same thing to cc

or BCC someone on that same email in the

from section here you can actually leave

this at the default and what it'll do is

it'll send an email message from no

reply at www.weather.gov/bmx system

setup where you have your own no reply

option that you want to add then you can

do the custom email address here as well

site name is how the names going to

appear within like the email client so

if you wanted to customize that you

could add that here by choosing custom

from name and then the last part you're

gonna customize is the message now by

default the message is gonna grab

whatever the current date is of the form

submission the username of the person if

they're logged into your website and

then it'll grab default values from the

actual forum itself and so most people

probably don't want this here for the

user because you know 99 percent of

people who are submitting in forms on

your site are not going to be logged in


what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going

to customize this there's really no harm

and leaving it where I'll just end up

happening is if nobody's you know logged

in then this submitted by will have a

blank here where this token goes but if

you want to change it up a little bit

what you can do is you can go to a body

and click on defo and we're going to

click on custom body

so it should pop up like this and what

I'm going to do is I'm just going to

remove the parts that I don't want and I

can edit the parts in that I want to

change so I'm going to remove it

submitted by user

and then maybe I want I might want to

add like a little personalized message

here so I might put something like

that that's really all you need to

change you know maybe you can put like a

signature at the bottom or something

like that but otherwise this looks good

here now this token right here what this

does is it this grabs the actual

responses in the fields on your form and

so you can customize which responses are

included in this drop-down right here

for included email values markup you can

check and uncheck the different fields

that you want to have included in your

email notification so depending on what

you want to share you can share

everything you can share nothing that's

really up to you after you're done

setting all your stuff and click Save

and there we have it our first email

notification now you can repeat those

steps if you need to add you know

multiple notifications that go out to

various people you can even go as

in-depth as setting up conditional

formulas so that emails get sent sent

out to particular people depending on

what you know what what responses are in

certain fields on the form we won't go

through that in this video but just to

show you that's how you set up a basic

notification email to someone at your

agency or or one of your departments or

whatever now like I mentioned beginning

the video there's also another reason

why you set these up and that's to set

out sort of like a confirmation email to

the person who fill out the form now

there's one key difference it's gonna be

almost the exact same process but one

key difference is that this since this

has to go out to the person who filled

out the form you need to have an email

element on your web form so when I click

view here you'll you'll see when I

scroll down there is an email address

field and particularly if I click on


and scroll down you'll see that this is

an actual email element so it's not just

a field that I named email this is a

particular element that I added for

emails and so that needs to be on the

form and you also probably want it to be

required otherwise if somebody skips

over it that means they're not going to

get the confirmation message so to set

this up what I do is go back to settings

and go back to emails handlers and I'm

going to add another email in this case

I'll rename this okay and in this case

the main difference is when I select the

two email address I'm going to go down

to elements and I'm going to choose

email address the one that corresponds

to that email element everything else

you can set however you like it can be

exactly the same indifferent you can

choose to share none of their responses

or all their responses all the stuff is

going to be the same when you're done

just click Save

all right and so now you'll see you'll

have two emails set up here and that's

why it's important to have that

descriptive sort of title when you're

first initially setting up your

notification so yep that's it that's the

basics that's how you set up email

notifications in the new CMS platform