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welcome in this video in the web form

series we're going to review how to

uh pull the results for web form now you

can do that in a couple different places

you can either

go directly to the form itself or you

can navigate to the page that the form

is displaying through and grab the

results from there

both ways work if you want to go

directly to the form itself

you'll hover over structure then web


then from here you're going to navigate

to the form that you want to find the

results for in this case for me i want

to find the results for this contact


and then you'll see at the top here

there's a tab for results and so you

just click on that guy

and that'll get you started also you can

navigate to the page that you're

displaying a web form through

if i go to content here and i locate the

basic page that has the same web form

in this case i'll click on that and then

you'll see that

the results tab also shows up on the

page with the web form so

both ways work if we click on results

you'll first get an overview of all the

results for

this particular form you'll have tons of

different data points

you can look at you can edit what

actually shows up on this page if you

click on this customize button

you can see that you can check or

uncheck these boxes here for the

different data points that you want so

you can

check or uncheck those and then click

save and then only

those will appear in this overview page


if you want to view the individual

results you can just

simply click on them

that'll open up the individual

submission and you can see there's the

submission information up here at the


you can see the form fields that were

actually filled out

all that data is down here and if i

go up here this is kind of nice if you

click on table it'll actually break down

the fields here in a maybe more readable


so that might be helpful another cool

thing you can do

with individual submissions is you can

add notes to them so

when you're viewing the submission if

you click on the notes tab

you scroll down to the bottom you'll see

that there is a field under

administrative notes here and so you can

continue to add notes

and then when you're done you click save

and so anytime someone comes back to

this notes page

or if you end up downloading the results

later you'll have those notes available

likewise you can edit individual

submissions um up here at the top

there's a little edit tab and so you can

click on that guy if you want to

and scroll down you can change any of

these fields here

or if you wanted to as well if we go

back to the results page by

using these breadcrumbs you'll notice

that when we move all the way over to

the right there's also an operations

column where you can also click the edit


and get to the same fields you'll also

note that if we click this little drop


you can either view duplicate or delete

individual results

you can do a mass deletion of results

under clear um

we probably wouldn't recommend doing

that unless there's a clear business

reason for it but

i just know that if you do end up

clearing the results from a web form

it's permanent there's no way to get

those back

now going back to our submissions here


some other cool things you can do with

this you can also star

individual submissions so that if you

want to filter those later you can

you'll see that there's

a drop down here to filter either start

or unstarred

submissions or locked and unlocked ones

and so to start one or unstar one you

simply just click this little animation

here or this little icon here and

that'll start or unstart

and then you choose your selection at

the top and filter

and then only those will show up and

then if you want to reset just click the

reset button

and you're good to go and that's it

that's how you view the results for a

web form

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