Adding to Menus

  1. When editing a page, on the far right, there is a separate box with Publishing information in it. Open the Menu Settings accordion section within this box and click the Provide a menu link checkbox. The following menu will appear.
  2. Provide a menu link title. If this field is not changed, the menu link title will default to the page name.
  3. Select a parent item to indicate under which menu item the new page should appear. If no parent page is selected, the page will be added as a top-level item within the navigation menu.
    1. To ensure the page is added to the main Navigation, use the Parent Item <Main Navigation>
    2. The support admin can edit Individual Menus through Manage > Structure > Menus and then selected by clicking Edit Menu.
  4. Weight the page. A lighter page (smaller numbers, e.g., -25) will fall further left or higher up in the navigation than pages with a heavier weight (larger numbers, e.g., 25), which will appear to the right or lower.
    1. A good practice for weighting is to weight by multiples of 5 so that if any additional items need to be added, their addition will not change the placement of all current menu items.
screenshot showing the menu settings
Screenshot showing menu directions

To add a page to multiple menus, use the Manage > Structure > Menus > *Menu to add links to* > Edit Menu > Add Link path. Note that by adding menu links in this way the URL of the link being added must be known.